PE transport

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Little Chicks played the traffic light game and became a train driver as part of topic on transport.

Traffic light game 


Amber=Get ready


Little Chicks followed the instructions from Mrs Stock, if they ran the red light a fine was issued from Police Officer Miss…

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Hunter Gatherers

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This week we have continued learning about the Stone Age and have been reading Stone Age Boy.  As part of our learning on Thursday we went outside and pretended to be Hunter Gatherers collecting and hunting food that the people in the Stone Age would have eaten.  We found lots of food that we…

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Little Chicks day 2 afternoon

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Little Chicks had a different afternoon bright sunshine with the assault course and big outdoor climbing equipment the Little Chicks navigated the playground with skill and agility.


As the topic is All about me we would like to learn about the Little Chicks families, hobbies, pets,…

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Captain Dan Tastic

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Little Chicks and Ducklings met Captain Dan the Pirate. Captain Dan taught the children about Pirates.


Captain Dan's ship is called the Narwhal. Captain Dan explained that there is three types of ships a Galleon ship, the biggest having three masts, the Schooner ship having two masts…

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Story planning in Hawks

In Hawks, we are finding out about different countries and continents around the world. We are writing a narrative based on true events in Brazil and have started sharing ideas and planning as a group.


What did you discuss as a group? What were your ideas?


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Hawks print architecture from North and South America

In Hawks this week, we have been learning about different ways to produce one whole image using a range of tools and techniques.


What whole image did you create? What tools and techniques did you use to print this image?

What did you like about yours? What would you change next time?…

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Hawks, ready, steady, cook!


In Hawks this week, as part of our launch of our new topic, we cooked traditional dishes from three different places around the world. From England we had cottage pie, from North America we had cheesecake and from South America we had chilli.


What did…

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Hawks fracking debate

For or against fracking? You decide!

In Hawks, we have been learning about fracking in our local area. We debated to see if our class were for or against fracking.

Are you for or against fracking? Explain your reason with evidence.


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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

In Hawks we began our new topic using drawing and shading skills.

What image did you choose? What did you enjoy about this lesson? What challenges did you face?


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Last week we started our very exciting new topic, 'Disaster Strikes!' The children were put into many different disaster situations; tsunami, Titanic hitting an iceburg, tornado and an avalanche.


Which disaster did you enjoy being in the most? Why? Do you have any questions about any of…

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We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo!

Herons really enjoyed their visit to Blackpool Zoo last week. They went to see many different types of animals to look at their features and habitats.


What was your favourite part of the trip? What is your favourite animal at Blackpool Zoo and why?


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Happy Easter!

I can't believe we have come to the end of another wonderful half term. I have been incredibly impressed with all of the hard work shown by the Robins over the last few weeks. 

All of the children have extremely enjoyed our topic, we have learned so much about animals and our world!



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