Young Seasiders Competition- Our Winners!

Image of Young Seasiders Competition- Our Winners!

A huge 'Congratulations' to both of our winners of this year's 'Young Seasiders' Art competition. Our entries looked amazing exhibited in The Gallery at the University campus in Blackpool. 

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Autumn Printing

Image of Autumn Printing

The Ducklings have been printing with fruits and vegetables this week and they have taken this learning outside with them and shown interest in wanting to print with natural fallen leaves in the garden.

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Owls go cave painting

Image of Owls go cave painting

We are currently learning all about The Stone Age and we had a go at creating our own cave drawings. 

To make it more fun we made caves under the table and decorated them will Stone Age drawings.

Have a look at the album for more pictures. 

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Our Day - Mon 5th Sept

Image of Our Day - Mon 5th Sept

Where has the day gone! 

Today we have started our topic 'Amazing Me'. At register time we went around the circle telling each other the people who live in their house, everyone was able to give an answer and spoke confidently in front of their new friends. The children have also been drawing…

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Our Seaside Paintings

Image of Our Seaside Paintings

Look at the children's super paintings of the seaside. Some children have included Blackpool Tower in their picture, people, a storm and of course the sea, sand, sky and sun.

To see more paintings, click on the link: 

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The Hindu Festival of Holi

Image of The Hindu Festival of Holi

Today we have learned about the Hindu festival of Holi as part of our RE. The children have been learning about the importance of colour as a symbol of welcoming the Spring time and how colourful paints are used to celebrate. The children have been experimenting with spray painting and colour…

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Our 'Young Seasiders' Winners

Image of Our 'Young Seasiders' Winners

Today our two Young Seasiders winners got to visit The Gallery at Blackpool and the Fylde University Campus to view their displayed and have their photo taken for the Gazette. 

We are so proud of these two brothers...their passion for art and design and their personal accomplishments mean so…



Colour mixing

Image of Colour mixing

Outside the Ducklings have enjoyed using the painting window to explore mixing the colour on.

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Painting Rainbows

Image of Painting Rainbows

It has been lovely to see the Ducklings exploring their creative side using the colours of the rainbow.

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Mixing Colours

Image of Mixing Colours

Little Chicks have been mixing Primary colours to Secondary colours. They have been discovering the different colours created by mixing two colours together.



Little Chicks enjoyed the activity and learnt the different combinations.


Red + Blue = Purple

Red + Yellow =…

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Express yourself

Image of Express yourself

As part of Children's Mental Health Week the Ducklings have been listening to a piece of classical music - The Four Seasons by Vivaldi and have produced artwork to show how the music has made them feel.

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Doves - Art week - Modern and Roman patterns

This week we looked at patterns and textures and hunted around school and home to find interesting textures.

We then studied Laura Slater's modern patterns and had a go at creating our own.

Finally we looked at patterns on pottery in ancient Rome and designed our own amphoraes.

Here is a…

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