Clitheroe Castle

The Ducklings had a fantastic day out in Clitheroe visiting the castle and the weather was glorious!

They heard the myth about the Clitheroe dragon and trained to be a dragon protector. The Ducklings enjoyed a picnic lunch in the sun before exploring the remains of the castle keep and then the…

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Y3 Roman Day

This afternoon we explored the sounds some musical instruments make in order to create a piece of music to depict a Roman battle. We then used this music to create a "battle/ invasion" dance. The Yellow Team were the Romans, as you can see from their victorious stance. 

In the wing we created…

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Nibby visits our class

We were very lucky to have a visit from Nibby (Arthur's daddy,) a children's book illustrator today. The children listened really well while he talked to them about his job and then they all loved describing their ideas for a dragon to him and he drew them each a dragon!

Thank you very much…

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Junk Model Castles

Some of the Ducklings have been very creative and have used the junk materials to make their own castles.

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Junk Model Dragons

The Ducklings have been using junk materials to create dragons.

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Castle Creations

The Ducklings have enjoyed using the 3D shapes to create their own castles fit for a prince or princess. It has been lovely to see how confident they are at naming the shapes too.

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Exploring mixing colours

The Ducklings have been exploring mixing different colours of paint to see how many different 'pea' green shades they can make as part of our Princess and the Pea topic.

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"Mirror, mirror on the wall!"

The Ducklings and Little Chicks have been pretending to be princes and princesses. They have been saying the special words into the magic mirror!

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Funky fingers

Our funky fingers have been very busy again, carefully placing jewels on mirrors, as part of our Snow White topic this week. 

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Dressing up

The Ducklings and Little Chicks have loved the new dressing up clothes. They are enjoying pretending to be Knights, princes and princesses.

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An exciting start to the year

It has been a very exciting start to the Doves' year. Jordan 

We made Shields. Ruben. 

We made mozaics. Nathaniel

Mr Cooper made a camp fire and we cooked potatoes on it. Evie. 

We had a Roman invasion. Hannah 

Some really fun stuff has been going on. Max

We tried some Roman…

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Christmas Crafts

The Ducklings have enjoyed creating Christmas crafts out of twigs for the Christmas fair. They were really careful using the saw and the glue gun. They were very popular and sold well. 

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