Clitheroe Castle

The Ducklings had a fantastic day out in Clitheroe visiting the castle and the weather was glorious!

They heard the myth about the Clitheroe dragon and trained to be a dragon protector. The Ducklings enjoyed a picnic lunch in the sun before exploring the remains of the castle keep and then the…

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Knights and Princesses Day

Today we had a special day to bring our topic to a close. The children loved dressing up as knights, kings, princesses, princes and even dragons!

We did some medieval dancing, had a banquet, went to knight school and even had a jousting tournament on horseback (hobby horse back!)

Look at the…

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Investigating castle catapults!

The Ducklings have loved making their own catapults and exploring which objects or materials make the best cannons and can travel the furthest! Mrs Catterall got hit quite a few times! 

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Baking for a Banquet

We have been busy baking and decorating cupcakes ready for our banquet on our knights and princesses day!

Look at the gallery here...

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Applying our phonics

There are always opportunities to use and apply new letters and sounds in reading and writing. 

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Dragon Dancing

The Ducklings have enjoyed creating their own dragon dances when learning all about Chinese New Year!

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Wet and Windy

Despite the weather being very wet and windy last week, the ducklings have still enjoyed learning outdoors! When you have the right clothes it isn't a problem!

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Story telling

One of the challenges this week for the Ducklings was to create their own story and to perform it with the puppets and puppet theatre. They used lots of expressive language and interesting vocabulary.

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Writing in the sand

In the Ducklings we practise our handwriting in lots of different ways to help form our cursive letters correctly.

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Kung Hei Fat Choi 2019

The Ducklings found out lots about Chinese New Year today, who celebrates it and how. They enjoyed creating their own dragon dances outside and tasting different foods during their snack time. They were very good at using the chop sticks and they loved the prawn crackers and dipping sauce!

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Knights in Training

Many of the children have been so busy at home designing and creating their own armour in their quest to become a Duckling Knight. The children are loving acting out with their friends. 

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Understanding how to Subtract

The children are learning how to subtract in lots of fun, practical ways this week, from squashing dragon's eggs to see how many we have left, to selecting their own materials to subtract. Ask your child to show you how to take away! 

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