Animal rescue

The children have been using a variety of tools to rescue arctic animals from blocks of ice. We have been discussing what other factors can help to melt the ice and set the animals free. 

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Marshmallow snowflakes

This week we are using our funky fingers to make marshmallow snowflakes. The children have been using toothpicks to create patterns. 

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Discovering distance

The Ducklings have been finding out all about what distance is. Outside they have been talking about the distance between some different polar animals. They had to use comparative vocabulary such as closest, nearer, furthest and further to describe what they could see.

They also wanted to…

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Making snowflakes

The Ducklings have been using their funky fingers to create snowflakes out of sticks and marshmallows. They are quite fiddly, but have managed really well.

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Addition in Ducklings

Over the past two weeks we have been learning how to add two groups of objects in different ways. The children have been working with their talking partners and independently to find different totals. 

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Throwing snowballs

The Ducklings have been throwing 'snowballs' and adding up their scores as they try to aim them at different targets.

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Messy Play

We have had fun mark making with paint and shaving foam to make frosty patterns.

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Being imaginative

It is great fun turning a crate into a super sledge and going on an adventure!

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Exploring Ice

The Ducklings have been using their senses to explore ice.

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Adding with cubes

Finding the total of two groups by counting them altogether.

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What a star!

The Ducklings and Little Chicks were all stars when performing in oiur Christmas nativity, 'What a Star!'

Look at the gallery here....

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Thank you helpers

A big thank you to our Year 6 helpers that narrated our Christmas performance for us. We couldn't have done it without you!

Also a very big thank you to our sign language helpers for coming to teach us sign language each week.

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