Dragon discovery...

Wow!!! What an exciting day!

On Friday the Parrots were all very shocked to discover some very strange things at our school. After finding a huge nest on the playground, giant footprints, green eggs and blue slime we soon realised that a dragon and its baby had made a visit and…

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The Carleton Green Dragon Visits on Reading Day

We had a fantastic Reading Day!! First we listened to an exciting story told by Dan Worsley. After that, we listened to Mr Cooper tell us about his experience of the CG Dragon that morning. At break time we discovered that a dragon's egg had been discovered and there was real CCTV coverage of the…

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Dragon Day in Eagles

We have had a fantastic day in Eagles. The author Dan Worsley visited our school and did a workshop with Eagles. We all created some amazing pieces of writing describing a dragon who came to visit our school. Can you remember any of the creative sentences you used to describe the dragon?

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Heron's Dragon Day

This morning something incredible happened at Carleton Green! We found a dragon's nest on the playground made of sticks and leaves - that was our first clue! When we walked into our classroom we found footprints all over the walls and doors - we thought the dragon might have been inside! To find…

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Democracy in English

In English we are currently reading Kensuke's Kingdom. In our English lesson, we voted if we were for or against sailing around the world with our family for 6 months.


I would love to sail around the world with my family. I love to go travelling and have been to many places around the…

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Reading day

Today we have learnt about a dragon and created a story.  We enjoyed our workshop with the author Dan Worsley.

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Fairy Cake Friday

On Friday 14th September, Hawks held the first Fairy Cake Friday. We baked and bought lots of cakes. We sold them to KS2 and raised £34.60 for our class. 


What do you think we should spend our class money on and what impact on learning do you think it will have?

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Where's the baby dragon?

The children were astonished to discover a large dragon's egg had hatched in school! We went on a mission to find the baby, searching with magnifying glasses and hunting in the garden. 

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Reading day in Ducklings

Today was filled with excitement when a dragon visited our school for reading day. We discovered footprints, an enormous nest, scorch marks, eggs and dragon slime. The children have loved looking for clues and listening to stories about dragons. 

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Busy, Busy, Busy!

A super busy week for the Doves this week. We have been outside in the rain for outdoor PE (well done those who have brought suitable kit). We made just over £20 on Fairy cake Friday, thank you to everyone for the delicious contributions. On Wednesday we began our portrait work, we cant wait to…

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Reading Day

Little Chicks and Ducklings found unusual footprints in Yellow Ducklings classroom this morning. We all went on a trail of discovery as the caretaker said there was a mess on the large playground. When we got there we found a large nest! What would have a nest that big! Further investigations led…

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Times Table Rockstars

Hi Parrots,


You all now have your login details (on the back of your reading journal) for 'Times Table Rockstars'. Please log in and have a look around. You can design your own rockstar, choose a rockstar name and most important enjoy some of the quizzes. 

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