Kestrels this week

What a good week we have had in Kestrels. The weather has been lovely, and it has put us all in great spirits! Let’s hope the weather continues throughout the half-term holidays.

In literacy this week we have been doing an extended writing piece all about seasonality. We have researched when…

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Our Creepy Crawly Visit

Herons had a creepy crawly surprise today with our Minibeast Visitor! We learnt about different types of minibeasts, and most importantly, got to handle some! We met stick insects, cockroaches and giant snails. We even met some other types of animals. My personal favourite was the Amardillo! 

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We have been so excited to witness our caterpillars change into their cocoon states this week. The children think it's hilarious to watch them wiggle inside their new homes and are keeping a close eye on any changes. 

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Hawks fracking debate

For or against fracking? You decide!

In Hawks, we have been learning about fracking in our local area. We debated to see if our class were for or against fracking.

Are you for or against fracking? Explain your reason with evidence.


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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

In Hawks we began our new topic using drawing and shading skills.

What image did you choose? What did you enjoy about this lesson? What challenges did you face?


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Happy Weekend :)

Just a reminder to our hard working children to have a wonderful , relaxing and fun-filled weekend. You deserve it after all of your hard work!

Miss Birch and Miss Taylor.

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Sunflowers in Kestrels

We have had a wonderful week in Kestrels. Although we have been very busy, we’ve had a fantastic time learning. During our literacy lessons this week we have been learning about some different forms of poetry. We have read and written a selection of kennings, haikus and limericks. A few of the…

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Bringing reading to life

This week we have been reading the story 'If Only...'. The children have been captivated by this lovely tale about a caterpillar. We are lucky enough to have a beautiful story sack, a resource which encouraged the children to re-tell the story in their own words, sequence events and pretend to be…

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Our soup is delicious!

Another satisfied customer! Our vegetable soup that we made is yummy!

There's plenty for our snack each day this week!

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Handling tools safely

The children have very sensibly used different tools to help prepare the vegetables for our soup.

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Trying spinach leaves!

We have been tasting different vegetables like Oliver in the 'Oliver's Vegetables' story. We talked about how it is the different parts of the plant that we eat. We tried spinach and the children recognised that it is the leaves and stalks that we eat.

At home think about the different…

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Gardening Fun

The Ducklings and Little Chicks have been enjoying preparing our garden beds ready for planting. They have been using different tools to weed and plant. They are learning lots of new plant names whilst helping to do this.

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