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Our new topic is Summer we have been looking at what we do in Summer.

Mrs Stock “What do you like in Summer?

Aurelia “Go on the trampoline.”

Beatrice “Going to the beach.”

Charlie “Having lollies and the beach.”

Elizabeth “Having picnics. “

Georgia “Playing in the sea.”

Henry “I like chasing crabs and making sandcastles.”

Hugh “I like acting ice lollies and ice-cream.”

Isabella “Playing with my Barbies outside.”

Lucas “Ice cream and trampoline, scooter.”

Archie “Digging in the garden.”

Ben “Swim in the swimming pool, it’s rainbow coloured.”

Elsie “I like the shade.”

Felicity “Going in the shade.”

Hunter “I like doing chilling out in the Summer.”

Isaac “Playing football.”

Petra “Sitting in the shade.”

Rex “Lots of ice-cream.”

River “I like watering the plants.”

Sophie “I like going to the beach and having ice-cream.”

William “Going in the paddling pool, play in the sea.”




Posted by Miss Taylor on 5 July 2023

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