Making cupcakes

This morning we were busy making cupcakes ready for our knight and princesses day on thursday. The children took it in turns to put the ingredients in the bowl and to stir the mixture! We talked about the importance of washing our hands before we started and discussed where our ingredients came…

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Chinese New Year

Today we have been learning and celebrating Chinese New Year. We enjoyed a food tasting snack this morning, trying lots of yummy foods, such as, rice, noodles, prawn crackers and some sweet chilli sauce for dipping. All the children did well at trying some new foods, with some eating…

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Nibby's Visit

Today Nibby (Arthur's Dad) came in to talk about his work as an illustrator. The children loved looking at the pictures and illustrations he has done. Some of his illustrations such as a map for the Sea Life cenre can take up to a month to complete. After asking Nibby some questions he kindly drew…

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We have been using chalk to draw castles and magnetic polydrons to create 2D and 3D castles. We have looked at pictures of the different parts of a castle, such as the towers, turrets, battlements, moat, drawbridge and portcullis. Can you see any of these things in our pictures?

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Fun in the snow

Little Chicks were very excited when we saw it was snowing and beginning to stick. We all wrapped up and went outside to play in it. Mrs Richardson got us to chase Mrs Stock and throw snowballs at her! 

Harrison and Mrs Stock started to build a snowman, other children helped but Harrison did…

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One Frosty Day

The whole of EYFS went out to investigate the frost and ice. It took us all a while to get wrapped up warm in puddle suits, coats, wellies, hats, gloves and scarves! The children used magnifying glasses to look at the ice and the patterns it made and i-pads to take photos. We found frozen spider's…

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A rainy day

We decided to brave the weather, so we donned our puddlesuits and wellies to enjoy a very wet afternoon. 

We had lots of fun jumping in puddles, playing football with each other and playing monsters!

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Little Chicks investigate the frost

This morning some Little Chicks went around the grounds looking at the frost and ice they found. They created hand and footprints in the frost and drew patterns in it. The children could also see their breath and described the frost as cold and crunchy. The children also discovered that where the…

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Little Chicks and Ducklings Christmas Party

The children had great fun playing musical statues and musical bumps, it was very hard to catch some children out. After a bit more dancing we had a drink and a biscuit before playing pass the parcel in our classes. It was then time for the dancing competition and all the teachers were very…

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A Visit from Father Christmas

Little Chicks were very excited as Father Christmas gave a surprise visit to school this morning! Father Christmas had time in his busy schedule to speak to each child and give them each a selection box. 

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Little Chicks at Rossall Chapel

We had four Little Chicks who took part in the Carol Concert last night at Rossall Chapel. They behaved impeccably and I am very proud of them. Thank you for your support and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


More photos - click here 

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Fairytale Land Nativity Show

On Monday and Tuesday, Little Chicks, along with Ducklings, performed The Fairytale Land Nativity Show!

All of them did so fantastically well, especially with such a big audience, and i am so proud of all of them and I'm sure you are too! There was lots of brilliant singing and dancing, which…

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