Snack time

I just had to share this snack time photo with you!

There is something special about sharing a meal together and the social experiences it brings.

Today once snack was ready the children organised themselves to sit together and have a large group snack. They found more chairs and all…

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Father Christmas!!!

There was great excitement this morning when Father Christmas arrived at school. Each child told Father Christmas what they would like and in return received a selection box form Father Christmas.

Father Christmas was a little worried, two of his reindeer had disappeared! and he wants the…

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Christmas Lunch

Children and staff have just enjoyed a lovely Christmas lunch. Turkey, roast potatoes and parsnips, peas, carrots, sprouts, pigs in blankets and stuffing, followed by a mince pie. The children were a little distracted from eating due to the crackers and their contents! The children all had a good…

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Open Afternoon

It was lovely to see so many parents support our open afternoon. The children really did enjoy having you share their activities, both in and outside the classroom. A few Little Chicks seemed to loose their voices for a little while but we can assure you, they are not normally so quiet!


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A rainy morning!

This morning we braved the weather and had lots of fun jumping in puddles! We discovered that if we jumped from a height then it would create a much bigger splash! Then we went on a bear hunt and a tiger hunt and got chased across the playground by them!

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What a Star!

We hope you enjoyed this years Christmas production 'What a Star!' The children did really well,we are very proud of them! To put on their costumes and stand up in front of all the parents, must be quite daunting at the age of 3, especially as some have had very few rehearsals and weren't feeling…

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More, less, the same

This week we have been looking at and comparing quantities. The children have been using the language, more, less, the same, bigger etc. They also looked at what happened to the amount when we added or took conkers away.

To see more pictures, please click on the link:

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People who help us

This week we have had two parents come and talk to us about how they help people in their jobs. Our first visitor was Erin's mum who is training to be a nurse. Erin's mum let us use her stethoscope to listen to our hearts and put a clip on our thumbs to measure our heart rate. She also bandaged…

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Happy Birthday Zayn

We had a little party at snack time to celebrate Zayn's 3rd Birthday. Zayn brought in a cake to share with his friends, we all sang Happy Birthday and Zayn blew out the candles. It was a very yummy cake! Thank you Zayn for sharing it with us, we all hope you have had a fantastic birthday.…

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Police Visit

Little Chicks loved the visit from Police Officers Emma and Charlie. They were very keen to jump into the back of the Police van, try all the different police hats and helmets on and coat. Elsie volunteered to be handcuffed by Emma and there was great excitement when the lights and siren were set…

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A visit from the Police

The children have had another exciting day, with a visit from Emma and Charlie from Fleetwood Police Station! They brought their special van to show us and some of the equipment they use. We tried on some of the uniform and helmets and got to go in the back of the van! 

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Fire Fighters Visit

Today  fire fighters from Blackpool fire station came to talk to us. They showed us inside the fire engine and the equipment they use. The children all got to put out a pretend fire, watched the fire men break branches with the cutters they use to rescue people from their cars and the fan which…

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