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Kirean recapped on all the fundamental skills we have learned leaned.


1. Elizabeth “Aeroplane” (keeping ball still )

2. Aurelia “No hands” (using feet only to kick the ball)

3. Charlie “Little kicks” (moving the ball with little chicks)

4. William “Drag back” (move ball backwards with a back pass)

5 Bertie “Speed bump (two feet together and jump)

Little Chicks showed they retained the skills Kieran had taught.

Kieran reintroduced the Jungle game that we had first played.

Little Chicks chose animals to be part of the jungle, which they had to avoid once they crossed the jungle. 
Once we a had crossed a few times using the skills we had learnt and not running into an animal or tree. We introduced a monkey (Chick) to try and intercept the ball as we crossed the jungle eventually all the Little Chicks were intercepted and became monkeys.


Little Chicks gave Kieran his Inspirational Sports Star certificate.



Little Chicks have engaged and learnt fundamental skills and some have been for a trail at Fleetwood Town.

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