Image of Pirates of the Curry Bean

Little Chicks watched the Year 5 and 6 play. They were enthralled by the performance.

Miss Taylor “What was you favourite part of the play.”

Lucas “The game, two sticks, Mum and Dad, old stamps.”

Georgia “The monkeys.”

Ben “The monkeys.”

Petra “The treasure chest.”

Georgia “I like the noises of the monkey.”

Aurelia “The pirates.”

Isabella “The ballet dancers.”

River “The rats”

Sophie “Knickers were silly.”

Bertie “Pirate dog”

Hugh “What I liked about the play was pretend sick.”

Beatrice “The cat”

William “I like it when they wear underpants on their heads.”


Little Chicks created their own pirate story outside. 

Posted by Miss Taylor on 30 June 2023

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