PE creating patterns

Image of PE creating patterns

This week we have been looking at repeating patterns. We joined in with Jack Hartman A, B pattern and A, B, C, pattern this consisted of two or three moves and it is then repeated.

Follow link to join in the A, B, C pattern

Little Chicks then created their own…

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Repeating patterns

Image of Repeating patterns

Little Chicks have been finding different ways to make a repeating pattern. We have made A,B,A,B, using objects and A, B, C, A, B, C using objects and creating caterpillars using colours to repeat a pattern.

We followed Jack Hartman using physical movements to create a pattern and used the…

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Ordering Easter eggs by size.

Image of Ordering Easter eggs by size.

Little Chicks have used Easter eggs to put in size order. Using the language big, bigger, biggest.

Then ordering small, smaller, smallest and then sizing smallest to the biggest.


They used the interactive board to select which picture was smallest or the biggest.


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Image of Dinosaurs

Little Chicks are learning about dinosaurs, the different species, their different diets, they looked at fossils and how they lived.


Dinosaur role play.

Using shapes to draw a dinosaur.                 Treasure hunt finding dinosaur flash cards 


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Number of the week 8

Image of Number of the week 8

Little Chicks have been learning the number 8, they have found number 8 in the classroom, drawn the number 8 in the air, used their fingers to count out the number 8, counted out buttons to groups of 8 and used the interactive board to write 8 and count objects.



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Image of Measurement

Little Chicks have been looking at measurement. tall and short, lighter and heavier, full, empty, half full, nearly full.

They put the potion bottles in order less to more dependent on level of water.

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Measuring objects in different ways

Image of Measuring objects in different ways

Little Chicks have been measuring different objects using varied resources.


Using straws to measure               Using wooden blocks to measure        Using unifix to measure

Little Chicks were imaginative at finding different ways to measure objects.

to view gallery follow…

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Number bond party for World Maths Day

Image of Number bond party for World Maths Day

Today, it was World Maths Day. We decided to have a number bond party to celebrate! Number bonds are pairs of numbers that make a particular total. We had fun playing lots of games that make 10! We had to find a partner with a numbered party hat that would match with our own to make 10. We rolled…

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Image of Maths

Little Chicks have been learning mathamatical language and have been measuring different quantities.


Each Little Chick has been measuring the unifix into containers they had to look at the picture cue card which showed either a full,empty, half empty, nearly full and nearly empty…

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Counting Actions

Image of Counting Actions

In mathematics this week, we have been matching numbers to their cardinal value. We have picked numbers out of a bag and then completed that many actions such as star jumps, hops, nods of the head, runs around the garden, etc. Some of us were able to do the correct number or actions for 1 more or…

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Little Chicks number 9

Image of Little Chicks number 9

Little Chicks have been learning the number 9 and counting out objects to nine.

Counting out pictures to 9.


Counting the baubles out in different amounts to nine.


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Image of Christmas

Little Chicks have a new role play and are learning all about Christmas


Little Chicks are busy Elves making toys. Santa and Ruldolph oversee the work shop. Little Chicks are learning the Nativity story.


Little Chicks thought about what Christmas meant to them and made a spider…

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