Cosmic yoga with Tiny the T-Rex

Image of Cosmic yoga with Tiny the T-Rex

Little Chicks went on an adventure with Tiny the T-Rex.

Tiny the T-Rex: A Cosmic Kids yoga adventure about Tiny - a young T-Rex who learns about looking after his teeth!

Little Chicks learnt different yoga positions throughout the story.

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Image of Dinosaurs

Little Chicks are learning about dinosaurs, the different species, their different diets, they looked at fossils and how they lived.


Dinosaur role play.

Using shapes to draw a dinosaur.                 Treasure hunt finding dinosaur flash cards 


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Image of Harvest

Little Chicks learnt about planting wheat, they learnt what is made from wheat.



They listened to the story The Little Red Hen.

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Little Chicks re-enacted the story in the role play with cue cards to help prompt the…

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