Little Chicks have been learning mathamatical language and have been measuring different quantities.


Each Little Chick has been measuring the unifix into containers they had to look at the picture cue card which showed either a full,empty, half empty, nearly full and nearly empty…

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Does the biggest mean the heaviest?

The Ducklings have been exploring weight this week. They were set the challenge of finding out if the biggest of objects is always the heaviest!

They have had great fun exploring this idea and using their home made balance scales to check their predictions.

What do you think they…

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Polar Explorer Food

As part of science week this week, Herons had to explore and discover which foods would be the best to take to Polar Regions. They had to think about weight and money. They worked together ass polar explorers.


Did you complete the challenge? How? What did you find out?

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