Making and eating pancakes

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Today is Shrove Tuesday, which is better known as pancake day. In Little Chicks this morning we have discovered that some Christian’s give up rich tasty foods such as butter, eggs, sugar and fat for Lent, so they use them all up by making pancakes, the day before Lent starts on Ash…

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Little Chicks make porridge

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As part of our story Goldilocks and the three bears, Little Chicks made porridge for their morning snack.

We followed the recipe and mixed the ingredients.



We add water.



We add porridge oats and milk.



We mixed the ingredients together, put it…

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Making Porridge

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The Ducklings helped to make porridge today. Ask them to tell you what ingredients they needed and how they made it. Some of the children prepared some chopped fruit to top the porridge too.

They enjoyed eating their porridge while they listened to another Goldilocks and the three bears…

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Gingerbread People Cooking

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As part of Little Chicks learning on traditional stories they made Gingerbread people.


Mix together flour, salt, bicarbonate soda, ginger and cinnamon into a large bowl. Then add butter, sugar and syrup.


Knead into a dough and place in fridge for 30 minutes.


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Apple crumble

Image of Apple crumble

The Ducklings have used lots of different tools, with great care this week to prepare and make their apple crumble.


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Apple Crumble

Image of Apple Crumble

As part of our topic on Harvest Little Chicks made Apple Crumble.

They took turns to follow the method and either, weighed ingredients, peeled, chopped or mixed.


Turn on oven.                                                 Weigh flour.

Pour flour in bowl.                        …

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Fabulous Falcons Feast

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful work you have sent in. Your cooking skills look terrific. Well done!!



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Making Cakes

Image of Making Cakes

One of our Ducklings has been making chocolate corn flake cakes at home and then writing all about how he made them! Excellent work! A shame we can't all taste one!


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Hawks, ready, steady, cook!


In Hawks this week, as part of our launch of our new topic, we cooked traditional dishes from three different places around the world. From England we had cottage pie, from North America we had cheesecake and from South America we had chilli.


What did…

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Making healthy smoothies

Image of Making healthy smoothies

As part of our healthy living week we loved making our own smoothies. We decided what we would like in ours and helped to prepare the fruits ready! We loved pressing the button on the very noisy blender! See if you can spot any smoothie moustaches!

Look at the gallery here....

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Making Easter Nests

Image of Making Easter Nests

We have been following a recipe and have made Easter nests.

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Eating like a Viking!

Hawks enjoyed trying the different Viking recipes they had made earlier in the day.

They tried a traditional cake, baked apples and a hot drink.


What did you think about the Mor Monsen kake? Did you enjoy the baked apples? How was the hot pear, apple and honey drink? Which recipes would…

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