18 January 2020

Hawks, ready, steady, cook!


In Hawks this week, as part of our launch of our new topic, we cooked traditional dishes from three different places around the world. From England we had cottage pie, from North America we had cheesecake and from South America we had chilli.


What did you make? What challenges were you face? What were your roles in the cooking?


What was your favourite dish to try?

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RUBY Kaye    19 January 2020

I made chilli. I was challenged by asking to cut up the garlic. But instead I cut up peppers with maisie.

I tried the cheesecake

Kemi   19 January 2020

I was in the South America group and we made chilli. We didn't really face any challenges. I was the person that stirred the chilli when it was in the pan. My favourite dish to try was the cheesecake. :-)

Annie   20 January 2020

I made Chilli from South America. My favourite part about making it was grating the carrots. I especially liked the cheesecake for North America.

Kayden edwards    21 January 2020

I made the cottage pie. The challenge I faced was that my eyes were watering from the onions and I had to just cope with it but it was really hard. My favourite dish was the cheesecake it was yum

Jessica W   23 January 2020

I made the South American chilli, my role was to cut the onion (I regret it a bit now), the challenge I had to over come multiple times was crying and having sour eyes.

I tried all 3 dishes:
Chilli: my favourite
Cottage pie: I didn’t like because of all the mushrooms!
Cheese cake: 2nd favourite, pretty good

Lincoln Crumblehulme   23 January 2020

I made cottage pie and it was deeeeeeliiiiiiiiiiiiiccccious. I faced the challenge of peeling the potato. Out of them all I preferred the chilli.

Nicola Visan    25 January 2020

My group were making the cheesecake from North America, personally I didn't face any challenges because the cake was easy and it was not hard making it as I do help making the cheesecakes at home.
I tried all three dishes and my thoughts were:

Chilli: My personal favourite
Cottage pie: I didn't really like it because it had mushrooms inside
Cheesecake: It was ok (I have tasted better).

Olivia P   28 January 2020

We made cottage pie and it was amazing! I faced dicing the carrots hard as I’ve never done it before but it was really fun.my favourite dish were:

Chilli (the best one)
Cottage pie ( I liked it)
Cheesecake (not a fan)

Neme Irvine   28 January 2020

I made the cheese cake. they weren't really any challenges but I did find making sure the measurements were the same and not adding any more or less. I challenged my self to mix the cream cheese. I do not like cream cheese. I didn't try any of them because I didn't like any of them. But it was really fun.

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