Hawks create 3D shapes from nets

For our 'Silent Night' display, we made houses and log cabins using nets to make 3D shapes. We drew around the nets and measured some of the edges. We converted cm to mm, mm to m and cm to m.


What did you enjoy most about the lesson? What 3D shape did you make? Did you find any of it…

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Hawks compose music

After we had written our songs, we used digital media to compose a song for our lyrics.



What did you enjoy most about this lesson? Did you find anything tricky?

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Hawks teach Ducklings their songs

Hawks have been studying song lyrics and features of songs and poems. They wrote their own songs with gestures to teach Ducklings about anti-bullying. Together they sang the different songs with the actions.


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Music inspired Kandinsky

As part of our topic we have been learning about the artist Wassily Kandinsky who produced abstracted pieces of art which where inspired by listening to music. In Hawks we created one of his pieces using CDs and wool by weaving.


What can you find out about this piece of art we…

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Hawks understand feelings

Hawks went outside to understand how to make someone feel good about themselves. We understand how victims feel inside and outside when people say or do negative things. 


What did you learn from this session? What positive thing could you say to someone?


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Last week we researched our favourite British musicians and artists. 

Who is your favourite musician? Why? What was the most interesting fact you found out about your musician/artist?

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Original songs and covers

Last week we explored and explained our feelings when listening to songs. We used colour and musical elements to do this.

Research at home some more songs. Have a look to see if anyone has covered them.

Which version do you prefer? Explain your reasons for why.

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Walk the lights

On Wednesday evening, KS2 went on a family trip to walk the lights.

Year 5 and year 6 were launching their new topic for after half term.

Please email Miss Howarth photographs of you at the illuminations for our display.


What do you like most about Blackpool illuminations? Who did…

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Synonyms and Antonyms in OAA

In OAA today, Hawks had to work as a team to unscramble letters to find a key 'survival' word. They then had to find the matching synonyms and the corresponding antonym. 


Which synonyms did you find for survival, discovered, abandoned, wondered, alarmed, sturdy, mysterious and…

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How is Romeo going to adapt to school life?

Today, year 5 and 6 had a talk with Mrs McGrath about Romeo our school dog.

Romeo is going to be our school therapy dog. He will help us with our learning. Romeo will help us read and turn our pages in our books.

Romeo will help anxious children this may include helping them in exams.


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Solving Eagles' Riddles in OAA

Hawks had a fantastic session in OAA trying to solve the riddles set by Eagles to find out their word given by clues.


How did find solving the problems? Where did your clues take you? What did you enjoy most about the OAA session?



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Hawks Hot-Seat

In Hawks this morning, the children got the opportunity to hot-seat characters from their English book, Kensuke's Kingdom.


What did you ask Mum, Dad, Michael and Stella? How did they feel? What did they think? What were their motives and actions?

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