Hawks print architecture from North and South America

In Hawks this week, we have been learning about different ways to produce one whole image using a range of tools and techniques.


What whole image did you create? What tools and techniques did you use to print this image?

What did you like about yours? What would you change next time?…

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Hawks, ready, steady, cook!


In Hawks this week, as part of our launch of our new topic, we cooked traditional dishes from three different places around the world. From England we had cottage pie, from North America we had cheesecake and from South America we had chilli.


What did…

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Hawks print with ink


Hawks made their plates with cardboard, string and tinfoil then printed with ink.

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Hawks start printing


Hawks started printing last week. They used string and cardboard to make their prints and printed in acryllic paint. 

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Hawks are scientists!


On Thursday, Hawks investigated how some solids and liquids can melt, dissolve, evaporate and filtrate. Some of these changes are reversible and irreversible. 


What did you find out during these experiments? Can you explain each key word? Can you…

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Christmas has arrived in Hawks!


Bashful and Big Bear have arrived to spend the festive period with us.


What have they been up to since arriving? What kindness challenges have you completed off their chart?

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Hawks Christmas Enterprise part 2


We completing the making and packaging of our products and we sold them at the Christmas markets.


How much did we spend? How much profit did we make? What should we spend our profit on and why?

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Hawks Christmas Enterprise Part 1


In Hawks last week, we started to begin to use our Christmas enterprise skills. We are getting ready to make decorations to sell at our Christmas markets.

What does enterprise mean? What designs have you drawn and labelled? 

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Tag-rugby in Hawks




On a frosty, cold Friday morning, Hawks started their new unit of tag-rugby. We enjoyed focusing on passing, catching and running.


What did you enjoy? What do you need to work on over the next few sessions?

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Hawks evaluate hockey


On Friday, Hawks evaluated their skills and tactics in a hockey game.


How we do you travel and pass when you have the ball? How well do you move into a space when you haven't got the ball? What do you do well in hockey? What could you improve on?

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Hawks do wet felting!


This week we did wet felting for the first time.

How did you create your design? How did you think it went? Did you have to adapt as you went?

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What material in the best insulator for the inside of a Vikings' helmet?

In Hawks today, we used our Maths and scientific enquiry skills to find out which material would be best to insulate in the inside a Vikings' helmet.

What was your hypothesis? How did you test which material was the best? The did the results show? What was the conclusion?

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