Problem Solving in Hawk Class

Well done Hawks for some fantastic problem solving. You all worked well to a budget and managed to recalcualte when given specific items to buy, applying your methods accurately. 



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Times Table Rockstars

Hawk class had a lot of fun this week using Times Table Rockstars to practice their times tables. There are two battles set up at the moment so we will see who the winners are on Monday! 




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World War Two Blitz Pictures

Fantastic Blitz pictures Hawks, you used paint, pastels and silhouette very effectively. 



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World War Two Presentations in Hawk Class

Well done Hawk class on your fantastic presentations. We learnt a lot about World War Two from each of you. 

Each group took a different aspect of World War Two to investigate and create a presentation about including:

  • The Children's War
  • Women at War
  • The Yanks
  • The War at Sea
  • The…
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Anti-bullying Week

Today we investigated a short annimation and discussed the issues that arose from it. There were interesting perspectives given by all. Some children felt that the small birds were showing bullying behaviour towards the larger bird for being different and others felt that both the small birds and…

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Hawk's Class Assembly WW2

Well done Hawks. You excelled yourself with the class assembly. 






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Hawks Diary Entries

Well done to Hawk class for some fantastic diary entries. 



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PE in Hawk class during the Spring term

In PE this term, Hawk class have been developing skills in hockey and gymanstics.

In hockey, we have been considering how we hold the hockey stick, moving with the ball, shooting, push passes and attacking whilst keeping an eye out for our team mates. 

In gymnastics, we have be developing…

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Safer Internet Day Hawks

Safer Internet Day


During safer internet day, Hawk class focussed on scenario cards, discussing the correct approach in different situations.

Well done Hawks for making such sensible choices and for working together in teams, listening to and sharing views with each other.


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Hawks Homework 24.2.17

Homework w/c 24.2.17                                                           Due in 1.3.17

Maths Homework


Spring and Summer


Use written methods to answer the arithmetic calculations below:

1)     166.7 – 146.8 =                                5)      2.8 x 1000 =

2)     …

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Hawks Homework 27.1.17

Homework w/c 27.1.17                                                           Due in 1.2.17

Maths Homework


Spring and Summer


Find the fractions of amounts below:

1)     ¼ of 252 =

2)     ¾ of 224 =

3)    ¾ of 528 =

Multiply the following fraction by the whole…

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Hawks Homework 20.1.17

This week maths homework has been handed out as fractions cannot be written on the blog and the poem that has to be learnt for reading homework has also been handed out. If children are unable to learn the full peom they can learn just one stanza.

Reading Homework

LO: To learn the poem…

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