Football and Netball in Hawks

We have now finished out football and netball units in Hawks and have evaluated our skills and techniques.

What did you enjoy? What did you learn? What can you improve on?

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Doves - Outdoor Learning Day

Doves had a great time for outdoor learning day!!

We measured leaves and used our subtraction skills to find the difference in lengths, we used our map reading skills to go on a scavenger hunt and used dibbling, passing and shooting skills in PE. 
Our friends working from home even joined in…

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P.E. with Joe Wicks!

Image of P.E. with Joe Wicks!

These two have been working out with Joe Wicks every single morning during lockdown and are really enjoying their home workout routines. They even have matching Home Workout Hero t-shirts.

Fantastic boys, keep it up!

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Joy of Moving at Home Festival

Our KS2 children enjoyed their Joy of Moving at home festival last Friday afternoon. Lots of activities and challenges to keep them active. Look at their smiles too!


What challenges were your favourite and why?


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CG Dance group award 2nd place!!!

Last night our CG dance group took part in the Wyre and Fylde Dance competition at the famous Blackpool Tower Ballroom. 15 local primary schools took part and we were awarded 2nd place!! The girls were outstanding and we could not be prouder!




We celebrated with…

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Tag-rugby in Hawks




On a frosty, cold Friday morning, Hawks started their new unit of tag-rugby. We enjoyed focusing on passing, catching and running.


What did you enjoy? What do you need to work on over the next few sessions?

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Hawks evaluate hockey


On Friday, Hawks evaluated their skills and tactics in a hockey game.


How we do you travel and pass when you have the ball? How well do you move into a space when you haven't got the ball? What do you do well in hockey? What could you improve on?

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Counter balances in gymnastics

In gymnastics this week, we have been learning how to create counter balances in a pair and then created them in a group. We will be using these in the sequences we create.


Who did you work with? What did you find challenging? What did you learn?


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Taking our pulse rate in Tag-Rugby

In tag-rugby, we tested our pulse rate during different stages of activity: sitting, jogging, running and cooling down. We collected our data in a table and used this to create a line graph in maths.


What did you learn in tag-rugby? What happened to your pulse rate during…

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Dance in Eagles

Eagles are working hard on their end of term, light themed, dances.


Eagles KS2 PE


Water, Water!

The children in Kestrels have loved starting our new topic all about water  this week. 

We have set up our own experiment to see what happens to different materials when they are left in water for long periods of time and we have began to explore the book This Morning I Met a Whale by Michael…

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*Owls Outdoor Orienteering Activities

The children really enjoyed the outdoor orienteering activities we completed by continuing the theme of electricity. The children had to find clues around our school grounds which each had a letter on. These letters were jumbled up and they had to solve the clues to work out the electrical key…

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