Welcome back!

We have started our new term with a very busy week of learning!


The children have enjoyed learning about position, movement and direction in Maths. The children have been using positional language, using left and right and moving in whole turns, half turns, quarter turns and three quarter…

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Float or sink?

The ducklings have been investigating which of the toys would float or sink in a bath!

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Robins' Autumn art!

As part of our science and art learning, today we have been discussing seasonal change. 

In Robins we have been outdoors looking for signs of Autumn and finding our favourite Autumn leaves.

We used our favourite leaf to create an observational drawing. Robins used pencil to carefully draw…

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* Doves' Outdoor Learning - Forces

This afternoon Doves were all learning about forces in Science. We discussed different push and pull forces. The children then worked with a partner and recreated different push and pull forces. See if you can recognise any of them.



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This week in Parrots

This week we have danced like fireworks in P.E. In science we have investigated which coats can and can't be seen in the dark. We practised writing words with split digraphs in phonics. We loved painting rainbows in art by mixing primary colours. 


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Autumn Walk

On Thursday last week the Parrots went on an autumn walk. We looked for signs of seasonal change, and talked about how the days are getting shorter. We discussed the weather and how we need to wear warmer clothes. The next day we wrote a recount about our lovely…

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LED Light's Talk

Today the children in Doves had a visitor in class.Mr Timperley (Charlie's Grandad) from SDL Lighting came in to school and talked about the LED lights he works with. The children were all fascinated by all the information he gave them and they asked some fantastic questions. Mr Timperley has…

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Parrots Investigating Waterproof Materials

We tested 6 different materials to find out whether or not they were waterproof. We made predicitons first, then after carrying out the experiment we recorded our findings. 


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Fruit Smoothies

This afternoon we have made fruit smoothies.  This has ended our week of Sport and Healthy Living week.  Our smoothies contained a range of fruit including, strawberries, nectarine, peach, grapes, orange, banana and water.  We thought they were delicious.  What fruits would you put in your…

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Floating Boats

Parrots had lots of fun making boats as part of our 'Buckets & Spades' topic. The boats were strong, waterproof & they all floated very easily! This is because for their size the boats were light!

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Waterproof Coat for Explorer Dave

This afternoon we have been investigating the best material to use to make a waterproof coat for Explorer Dave.  We tested fabric, felt, plastic, paper, mesh and wood.

We thought that the fabric would be a good waterproof material however we found out that the best was the plastic.  In the…

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Spring Lambs

Dotty and Dave, the lambs, came to visit our school, especially for our spring morning. They were lovely! We stroked and fed them and they enjoyed lying in the spring sunshine. Some of us were very brave to meet an animal that we had never met before!

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