30 June 2020

We have used a variety of media, techniques and tools to create London skyline images in the Blitz and made our own gas masks.

What did you enjoy during art? What strengths and weaknesses did you face when making your gas mask?

Hawks' WW2 art and D.T.

Category: Hawks

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darcey   9 July 2020

i loved working with different types of paint and i really liked doing the sunset for the back ground.

Kemi   12 July 2020

I enjoyed doing the skyline and experimenting with colours. During my mask, I hole punched the hole in the wrong place making it slightly lob sided but it turned out ok.

olivia P   13 July 2020

I enjoyed all the of it as even though lockdown made me tired and it felt abit of stress as we came back but it made it ready fun! during the gas mask, it took me a while to put the string inside and then I needed a new price because it came out

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