Easter egg hunt

Image of Easter egg hunt

Little Chicks went on an Easter egg hunt. Miss Taylor hid the eggs around the garden and they hunted for the eggs, they took turns to reset the hunt and find the eggs.



Little Chicks took turns to play the egg and spoon race, balancing the egg on the spoon around the outdoor…

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Easter story

Image of Easter story

Little Chicks have been learning the Easter story.

What happened in the Easter story.

William “Jesus got tied up.”

Hugh “Jesus died his body got put in a cave, he dried out he got kept in a cave so anyone couldn’t see him.”

Georgia “The man got Jesus.”

Elizabeth “He couldn’t escape…

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Easter healthy snack time


Outdoor Easter Fun

Image of Outdoor Easter Fun

Despite the spring showers we have enjoyed some Easter themed outdoor learning - drawing patterned Easter eggs, having egg and spoon races, counting eggs and matching to the correct numeral.

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Egg and Spoon Races

Image of Egg and Spoon Races

As part of our easter fun and outdoor learning the children enjoyed taking part in egg and spoon races. They showed great control and coordination.


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Ducklings Open Afternoon

Image of Ducklings Open Afternoon

The Ducklings enjoyed sharing the afternoon with their families during our recent Easter and Spring themed open afternoon. The children loved sharing their learning with you. Thank you for coming!

Look at the gallery here...

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Open Afternoon

Image of Open Afternoon

We had a lovely Easter themed open afternoon. A big thank you to those that could join us.

More photos....https://www.carletongreen.lancs.sch.uk/photo-galleries/open-afternoon-2

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Open afternoon Easter


Making Easter Nests

Image of Making Easter Nests

We have been following a recipe and have made Easter nests.

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Hot Cross Buns

Image of Hot Cross Buns

Making hot cross buns with the play dough as we are learning about Easter.

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Easter Malleable


Happy Easter!

I can't believe we have come to the end of another wonderful half term. I have been incredibly impressed with all of the hard work shown by the Robins over the last few weeks. 

All of the children have extremely enjoyed our topic, we have learned so much about animals and our world!



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