I can't believe we have come to the end of another wonderful half term. I have been incredibly impressed with all of the hard work shown by the Robins over the last few weeks. 

All of the children have extremely enjoyed our topic, we have learned so much about animals and our world!


I would like to wish all of Robins a wonderful Easter and I will look forward to hearing about all of the great things you get up to.


What have you learned about animals? Can you name the seven continents? What was your favourite part about our topic? What are you planning to do over the holidays?


Posted by Miss Clarkson on 23 March 2018

Category: Robins

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Holly Bradbury   16 April 2018

I learnt that penguins live in cold places and camels live in hot places. The 7 continents are Asia, Africa, Antartica, Australasia, Europe - were we live, South America and North America. (Well done Holly, mummy and daddy were super impressed Holly knew all these!!).

In the holidays we went to work with mummy, we went to do some holiday shopping in Freeport and we went to Manchester and saw Peter Rabbit and Liverpool to Imagine That which was amazing and lots of fun.

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