Little Chicks Map of the world/ Britain and Ireland

Image of Little Chicks Map of the world/ Britain and Ireland

Little Chicks had a look at the maps and looked at where we are and how they would travel to a destination.

Miss Taylor “Where did you travel and why?

Henry “On holiday park in an aeroplane there was a play area and trampolines and there was a park outside, a cave, arcade, Luigi mansion…

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Kestrels Half Term 1

What a fun, busy and action packed half term of learning we have had to kick off this academic year in Kestrels! 


As we have discussed for your half term homework - comment on this blog below and tell me your favorite memory or favorite thing about being a Kestrel from this half term. 

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Happy Easter!

I can't believe we have come to the end of another wonderful half term. I have been incredibly impressed with all of the hard work shown by the Robins over the last few weeks. 

All of the children have extremely enjoyed our topic, we have learned so much about animals and our world!



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Welcome back!

We have started our new term with a very busy week of learning!


The children have enjoyed learning about position, movement and direction in Maths. The children have been using positional language, using left and right and moving in whole turns, half turns, quarter turns and three quarter…

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Owls February Half Term

I would love to know what you have all been up to during this half term. I am looking forward to listening and reading about your exciting week off. If you have got anything to share or want to show I would love to see it.


Have you been anywhere exciting? What did you see and do?


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