Easter egg hunt

Image of Easter egg hunt

Little Chicks went on an Easter egg hunt. Miss Taylor hid the eggs around the garden and they hunted for the eggs, they took turns to reset the hunt and find the eggs.



Little Chicks took turns to play the egg and spoon race, balancing the egg on the spoon around the outdoor…

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London Bridge

Image of London Bridge

The Ducklings have enjoyed singing the nursery rhyme London Bridge and joining in with the actions during playtime.

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Image of Autumn

Little Chicks and Ducklings ventured out for another wellie walk, this time finding insects, looking through binoculars and finding vegetation. What season we are in and what changes.



They found mushrooms, birds in the trees, planes in the sky.


The children couldn't…

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We have now started our PALs training. Our PALs team is made up of 10 year 5s and Archie who is a year 6 Senior Prefect, as our Head PAL.

Tonight was our second session. So far we have looked at the qualities of being a PAL and what different games and activities there are for us to lead at…

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