We have now started our PALs training. Our PALs team is made up of 10 year 5s and Archie who is a year 6 Senior Prefect, as our Head PAL.

Tonight was our second session. So far we have looked at the qualities of being a PAL and what different games and activities there are for us to lead at lunchtimes.


Why did you apply to be a PAL? What is your understanding of a PAL? What are you looking forward to when being a PAL?

Posted by Mrs McEvilly on 4 October 2018

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Cara    4 October 2018

I applyed to be a pal so I can help the little ones throw catch and kick a ball ?, and it is really nice to see little ones being sporty. My understanding of a pal is a really nice girl or boy who would give up there lunch times to help the little ones and year,1,2,3,4,5 and even 6. I am looking forward to planning our games and also see other peoples progress in P. E. And the pals brings every one together as well. See you guys next week bye ???? ????

Lola Panther   4 October 2018

I applied to be a PAL because I wanted a job that would be like a warm up for a year 6 role.I think it is about helping younger children with P.E skills and having something fun to do at break that is fun. I am looking forward to helping younger children and teaching them some new skills

Amber Brooks   4 October 2018

I applied to be a pal because I like working with younger children.
A pal is someone who likes working with younger children and creates fun and entertaining games. I'm looking forward to seeing the smile on ducklings faces when they have done something really good

Kayden Edwards    5 October 2018

I applied to be a pal because I am have all the qualities we put on the board , I always follow the Carleton code and I love working with younger children .

A pal is someone who has active ability’s, someone who is kind , enthusiastic, determined and dedicated and also someone who is a patient teacher , you need to be a good listener and also a social person .

I’m loooking forward to going outdoors and doing practicals and Helping the children learn new skills and games and keeping them happy ! And I can’t wait for our pals badges !

Emily frith   5 October 2018

I applied to be a pal because I thought that being a pal could help my confidence go up and help younger students understand the PE curriculum.
I understand that the quality of the pal have to be on time ,nurturing,and kind .

i am looking forward to getting to know younger students and doing active games with younger students.

Olivia shaw   10 October 2018

I applied to be a pal so everyone has a chance to learn something new. My understanding is that he or she can help everyone get sporty. I am looking forward to give up my lunch time to set up games for the rest of the children in the school.

fin   11 October 2018

i aplide to be a pal because i am realy sporty and can help other people even little kids

Archie Walsh   16 October 2018

I've enjoyed helping everyone in PALs to encourage others to play new games and also teamwork. To learn new skills and open up new friendship bonds. I'm looking forward to helping all the year fives.

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