Number 8

Little Chick have been learning the number 8 this week.

Little Chicks count out eight using their fingers and stamping out eight taps on their feet.


Little Chicks use the interactive board to count out eight objects and find eight on the number line.


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Counting Active learning number


Letter of the week D

Little Chicks learning the letter D. 

Little Chicks brainstorm what begins with d, they found objects beginning with d and found letter d on the interactive board.


 Little Chicks use the chalkboards and chalk to write the letter d.


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writing Active learning Singing language


Number 5

Little Chicks have been learning number 5.

Finding five flowers                       Finding the pen with five Llamas                                


  Little Chicks worked out to share five leaves how many does a Little Chick have when shared, one each.




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maths writing Rhyme Active learning


Rhythm and Rhyme

Little Chicks play the Silly soup rhyming game. They have to sound the rhyming words and then place them in the Silly soup bowl.

They sang the song and then added the rhyming picture words to the bowl. This weeks so far we have rhyming groups have been as follows:

Wet                   …

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phonics Active learning Singing language



Little Chicks and Ducklings ventured out for another wellie walk, this time finding insects, looking through binoculars and finding vegetation. What season we are in and what changes.



They found mushrooms, birds in the trees, planes in the sky.


The children couldn't…

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science playground games Active learning


Using our bodies to make a rainstorm

Little Chicks listened to rainstorms, they made their own rainstorm using their bodies.


Little Chicks followed the prompts to make a rainstorm using their bodies.


Make your own rainstorm at home.

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Active learning Singing language music and movement.


Adventures Outdoors

Little Chicks and Ducklings have been looking at the Outdoors we found many different plants and trees.

We found berries and mushrooms we discussed the reason why we do not to eat them.

We looked at eaten apples and how they could of got on the school field.

What season we are in and what…

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science outdoor learning Active learning


Our bodies and labelling

Little Chicks have been supported to trace the outline of their body and then label parts of their body.

They drew parts of their body on the silhouette.

See gallery for pictures. Labelling body parts


Learn the song head, shoulders ,…

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science Active learning Singing


Sports Day

Little Chicks running race. They all had a turn and got into the spirit.

Ready, Steady, Go!

Race 1                                            Race 2                       

First  Cole                                        First Alfie

Second Katie                                 …

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Physical development Active learning social


Rhyming words

Little Chicks have been learning rhyming words to music. Little Chicks enjoy learning through music


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Rhyme phonics Active learning music and movement.


3D shapes

Little Chicks have ben learning about 3d shapes. They are learning the names, the different quantities faces, sides and vertices on each shape.


use the 


Little Chicks use the shape cards to match shapes.


Little Chicks use a variety of construction equipment to make 3D…

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construction 3D shapes Active learning


Marine Biologist

Marine Biologist Miss Wilson and colleague Miss Brookfield visited Little Chicks to teach them about the Marine life.

Strandlines can be found on the beach, these have many Marine animals which we investigated an each of our tables.


The children enjoyed looking at the different…

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science Active learning