Owls Ribchester Museum trip

Image of Owls Ribchester Museum trip

We had so much fun on our trip to Ribchester. We started off with a workshop learning all about what Ribchester was like in the Roman times and got to try on some armour. Then we visited the ruins of the Roman baths and did some exploring and imagining how it would have looked back then.…

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Spying on the Romans

Image of Spying on the Romans

Owls class were sent on a secret mission today, they were ordered by Boudica to spy on the Roman soldiers and report back everything they saw. Together in groups, they had 10 seconds to spy on their enemy and then return to the classroom to draw what they had seen. We had lots of fun. 

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Image of Recycling

We are pretending to be refuse collectors and sorting the rubbish according to what it is made of, plastic, metal and paper and cardboard.

The children have dressed the part in their high vis jackets and protective gloves.


Good job boys!

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Active learning recycling


Number of the week three

Image of Number of the week three

Little Chicks have been counting to three and finding number three in the classroom.

Little Chicks use the interactive board to count to three.

Little Chicks learn the number three song.


Look for number three in the environment and take a photo.

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Active learning Singing number


People who help us

Image of People who help us

Ducklings and Little Chicks were role playing people who help us.

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Active learning People who help us



Image of PE

This term Little Chicks will have PE on Tuesday and Thursday. Today they engaged in PE with Miss Linky.

PE rules

1. Not to touch apparatus around the hall.

2. To find a space not to be able to touch their friends.

3. To stop and stand still on the word Stop.

Today Little Chicks…

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Physical development Active learning follow instruction


Fleetwood Town

Image of Fleetwood Town

Little Chicks this term will have a weekly session with Fleetwood Town this week their coach was Kirean. He introduced a game called cars.

Little Chicks began with the aeroplane position using their foot to keep the ball still in stationary position. Then Kirean introduced the penguin move…

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Physical development Active learning follow instruction listening


Ordering numbers 1 to 20

Image of Ordering numbers 1 to 20

Little Chicks have been putting the Busy Bees in number order 1-20. Circle time we took turns to help order the Bees, then took turns individually.




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maths Active learning number


Trip to the Garden Centre

Image of Trip to the Garden Centre

Little Chicks and Ducklings visited The Plant Place. They engaged in sowing seeds, Craig the gardener showed the Little Chicks the varied plants in the centre and taught their names and how they grew, particularly in different environments and temperatures.

Little Chicks then went around the…

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Road safety Growing plants and seeds Active learning Quiz


Jack and the Beanstalk

Image of Jack and the Beanstalk

Footprints were found in Ducklings, who's could they be?

Alongside the footprints were other objects, beans, coins, leaves, a golden egg and feathers.



Miss Taylor "What did we see?

Joakim "A golden egg."

Hunter "It was massive."

Darcie "Footprints, they were…

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Role-play Active learning story


Letter of the week R

Image of Letter of the week R

Little Chicks are learning the letter R they find objects beginning with R, write on the white boards words beginning with R, learn the jolly R song and join Captain Seasalt on treasure island.


Finding letter R on the interactive board.

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writing phonics Active learning Singing


making Patterns

Image of making Patterns

This week we are looking at, creating and continuing simple repeating patterns.

Here we have used natural resources such as leaves, sticks, conkers, pebbles and pine cones to create a simple repeating pattern. For example: conker, pebble, conker, pebble, conker.

Can you find any objects at…

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maths Active learning