Owls Ribchester Museum trip

Image of Owls Ribchester Museum trip

We had so much fun on our trip to Ribchester. We started off with a workshop learning all about what Ribchester was like in the Roman times and got to try on some armour. Then we visited the ruins of the Roman baths and did some exploring and imagining how it would have looked back then.…

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Spying on the Romans

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Owls class were sent on a secret mission today, they were ordered by Boudica to spy on the Roman soldiers and report back everything they saw. Together in groups, they had 10 seconds to spy on their enemy and then return to the classroom to draw what they had seen. We had lots of fun. 

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Kestrels - D.T. project work - materials required

On Thursday and Friday of next week (18th and 19th October) Kestrels class will be making some models as part of our D.T> and Science work. 

Please can you try and collect over the weekend and early next week as much material as you can and bring into school on Thursday. 

Material that will…

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What a wonderful week of learning it has been. The cold, snowy weather certainly hasn't stopped the Robins from working hard!


This week we have enjoyed our wonderful pet day, the children had the opportunity to meet lots of wonderful animals. I was very impressed with Robins behaviour and…

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