Footprints were found in Ducklings, who's could they be?

Alongside the footprints were other objects, beans, coins, leaves, a golden egg and feathers.



Miss Taylor "What did we see?

Joakim "A golden egg."

Hunter "It was massive."

Darcie "Footprints, they were big."

Emmy "Coins"

George "Big leaves."

Alfie "Beans"

Solomion "Some seeds."

Emmy "Footprints"

Harley "The Easter Bunny must have done it."

Darcie "But the bunny dosent have big shoes."

Miss Taylor "Who do you think made the footprints?"

Solomon "A Giant"

Emmy "The beans were doing a trail."

Joakim "The golden egg."


We read the story Jack and the Beanstalk and then brainstormed what we could put in the role play to represent the story. follow the link to listen to the story.



Posted by Miss Taylor on 20 April 2022

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