Hodgson Science Visit by Lucas Wilmot

Yesterday we had a visit by Hodgson Acadamy. They came to show us about the heart. Firstly they shown us a powerpoint and facts about how the heart works. Next we saw a diagram of how the heart works and tried to reacreate our own version of it.It all started were, Oliver R was the red blood cell,…

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After the holiday!!

I hope you all have a lovely break!!

Please remember the following-

As part of our new topic your child will be taking part in a carousel of activities and will need the following on Monday 25th February 2019.

  1.  An outdoor kit.
  2. A circular piece of card (approximately 30-40cm…
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Safer Internet Day 2019 by Oliver T

On internet safety day we talked about which apps use our personal information and we also learnt that you should only give your personal information to people who are really close/family. We also talked about which apps or websites use our personal information and if you've ever asked someone to…

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Tomorrow is Safer Internet Day.  We will be learning about how to keep safe online.

Can you think of how we can stay safe?

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This week we have had a fantastic week learning about Natural diasasters.  We have started to write our Newspaper Reports about the 1906 Earthquake in San Francisco.  We are looking forward to what happens next.....


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Materials needed

Please send to school any cereal boxes or spare cardboard you may have at home.


Thank you

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Xmas Market

Please send into school natural resources e.g. twigs, sticks, pinecones etc so we can make our Christmas decorations.


Thank you,


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Music- Favourite Songs

Thank you for sending in your favourite songs.  Please let us know what makes these songs "special"?



All of Falcons

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Music - favourite songs

We have listened to music from different era's.  Please let us know your favourite song.

Thank you

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This weeks homework has been emailed out.  Any problems email me at n.vaughan@carletongreen.lancs.sch.uk


Have a lovely weekend

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Please could your child bring a photograph of themselves showing off a talent e.g. in football kit after a match etc.  This photo will be copied and put up on display.  Many thanks,

Mr. Vaughan

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Welcome Back

I hope you have all had a wonderful break, I can't wait to hear what you have all been up to!  This half term we will be starting our new topic "Britten's Got Talent" and this will be very exciting.  A big thanks to all the parents, grandparents and friends who attended Open Afternoon- you have…

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