The Viking Day

This week we had the pleasure of meeting a real Viking Warrior! He came in to school to meet all of our Vikings in Year 5 and 6. We had a spectacular day and learnt an abundance of amazing Viking facts and took a step back in time to experience how Vikings would have conducted themselves in…

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Falcons Percussion Extravaganza!!

The children in Falcons thoroughly enjoyed their music lesson this week. They were able to identify different percussion instruments and made beautiful rhythmic music.



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World Mental Health Awareness Day

In Falcons we discussed different ways to relax and unwind. In PE we took a few minutes to practise mindfulness yoga relaxation techniques.


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Falcons investigate different materials

The children in Falcons this week began to analyse different materials to determine their properties. They we then able to classify different materials based on their property. At the end of the session, the children then thought about an individual investigation that would enable the property to…

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Year 5 and 6 Children enter Highway England Competition

The children in Year 5 and 6 have entered a competition to design a poster to highlight the safety of drivers whilst the A585 roundabout is being renovated. The work is taking place to enable more traffic to travel through the roundabout in a safer manner. The children discussed with Highway…

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Falcons' Active Maths

This week in Maths the children in Falcons were learning to read and write numbers to 10 000 000. They all did super well and combined this skills with being active too.


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Falcons Artwork and Design Technology

The children in Falcons created some wonderful Viking Longboats and painted a sea-scape using colour to create texture.The children in Falcons created some wonderful Viking Longboats and painted a sea-scape using colour to create texture.



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By Archie Walsh.

This weekend, in Falcons, your homework is to write about the character you are dressing up as,to celebrate the opening of our new library  .You can dress up as what ever you want from a princess to a normal person like Tom Gates. 

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Next week

Please make sure that PE kits are in school next week.  We are all looking forward to learning about how to stay healthy and Sports Day on Thursday.


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Year 6 Advice for the Weekend


We are now in the last few days before SATs and it is vital that you use your time this weekend wisely. This is your homework for this weekend. Please complete as many of these activities as possible.

  • Go on a bike/scooter ride
  • Read a book
  • Watch your favourite TV…
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As part of our new topic your child will be taking part in a carousel of activities and will need the following on Monday 25th February 2019.

  1.  An outdoor kit.
  2. A circular piece of card (approximately 30-40cm diameter).
  3. An apron if you own one.


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Hodgson Science Visit by Lucas Wilmot

Yesterday we had a visit by Hodgson Acadamy. They came to show us about the heart. Firstly they shown us a powerpoint and facts about how the heart works. Next we saw a diagram of how the heart works and tried to reacreate our own version of it.It all started were, Oliver R was the red blood cell,…

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