As part of science week this week, Herons had to explore and discover which foods would be the best to take to Polar Regions. They had to think about weight and money. They worked together ass polar explorers.


Did you complete the challenge? How? What did you find out?

Polar Explorer Food

Posted by Mrs McEvilly on 16 March 2018

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Charlotte Wood    17 March 2018

Yes I completed the challenge. I looked at the board and I sorted the items into size order and I picked the 2nd smallest. I found out that you need lots of things to survive as a polar explorer.

Jacob Turner    19 March 2018

Yes we completed the challenge by sorting the food out for the Arctic . We found out that chocolate was too cold for the arctic

Macy Sumner    21 March 2018

We completed the challenge by sorting out which foods were heavier and which foods were lighter. I learned that if you took lighter items it would be easier to carry.

Cole Chappell    22 March 2018

I enjoyed thinking what we needed to take with us, and working out weight of things. I would of took everything but the bag would be to heavy. My favourite thing to take was biscuits as a treat. I enjoyed been an explorer.

Lily Wootton   11 April 2018

We completed the challenge by working as a team. We found out that apples, water and coco pops would be good food to take.

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