As part of science week this week, Herons were set a challenge to see if they coulld make a nest as good as birds can. They could only use outdoor materials to help them. They worked together to build a nest to see if it could hold their class bird Squarky.


Did you complete the challenge? Did your nest hold Squarky? What did you use to create your nests?


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Posted by Mrs McEvilly on 16 March 2018

Category: Herons

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Charlotte Wood   17 March 2018

I did complete the challenge and our nest did hold squarky!! We used sticks, leaves, stones and grass.

Jacob Turner    19 March 2018

Yes we completed the challenge , but the nest didn’t hold squarky. We used twigs , leaves and stones to make the nest

Austin cole   21 March 2018

Yes we built a net but it didn’t hold sparky. I really really enjoyed building the nest.
I liked charlottes nest because it looked cool. It took hard work to do the nest.

Macy Sumner    21 March 2018

We all completed the challenge and took our time. Our nest did hold Squarky because we used strong materials like sticks, some leaves, stones and mud to hold the best together.

Cole Chappell    22 March 2018

Our nest held squarky. But it was very fragile. It was hard to weave the thin sticks to make a nest shape. We used leaves, thin sticks and mud to make it. I liked doing this.

Harry price    22 March 2018

Our table completed the build a nest challenge .
It could hold squarky in the nest safely with out breaking .
We used twigs & dried up leaves to make our nest .

Lily Wootton   11 April 2018

Our table complete the challenge and our nest held squarky! We used twigs, leaves and soil.

Hannah Blake   17 April 2018

I enjoyed weaving the sticks together .we worked as a team to make a nest in time for the test for Squarky to be held in.

Anabelle Coughlan   22 April 2018

We completed the challenge. We used sticks,leaves and grass to create the nest. Squarky fitted in nicely and it looked as if Squarky was loving it .

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