Bird Man

Image of Bird Man

Little Chicks had a visit from Alan the Bird man, Alan showed different types of birds of prey.

Hawk from the breed harris called Sybal.

Sybal comes from Mexico

Sybal is a carnivore and hunts for prey, she has no teeth so will swallow her prey.  Sybal weighs 1kg and will lay four…

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New Arrivals

Image of New Arrivals

This morning we went into the office to look at the duck eggs which arrived in School yesterday. One of the eggs had a crack and small hole in it. As we watched we could just see a little beak pecking at the shell. We would have liked to have stayed and watch but knew that it would be a while…

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Bird feeders

Image of Bird feeders

One of our Ducklings has been creating bird feeders out of recyclable materials to attract the birds to her garden. Which birds have you seen in your garden?  Can you keep a record and send it in to us?  Great home learning, well done!

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Hawks go bird watching

As part of the Big School Bird Watch, Hawks went out to see what birds they could see.



What birds did you spot?

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Brilliant Birds

As part of science week this week, Herons were set a challenge to see if they coulld make a nest as good as birds can. They could only use outdoor materials to help them. They worked together to build a nest to see if it could hold their class bird Squarky.


Did you complete the challenge?…

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