Image of Lambs

Today Mrs Richardson very kindly brought in two lambs from her grandad’s farm. 
The children were able to stroke the lambs, who decided they didn’t like eating grass and that the shed tasted much nicer!



Thank you Mrs Richardson for bringing in the lambs on your day off.…

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New Arrivals

Image of New Arrivals

This morning we went into the office to look at the duck eggs which arrived in School yesterday. One of the eggs had a crack and small hole in it. As we watched we could just see a little beak pecking at the shell. We would have liked to have stayed and watch but knew that it would be a while…

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Where the Wild Things Are

Image of Where the Wild Things Are

Our new topic is ‘Out of This World’ and we started our new topic by reading the book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. In the story Max puts on a wolf costume and gets sent to bed for causing mischief. In a dream he goes on a journey to the ‘Wild Place’, where he becomes king of the wild…

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Science Week

Image of Science Week

Little Chicks are learning about Science week, today we looked at growth. We looked at plants, animals, humans and buildings and how they grow.

We measured all the Little Chick to see there growth from six months ago and documented on the door.



Follow link to view gallery and…

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