A visit to where the wild things are!

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Today, after reading the story, 'Where the Wild Things are,' we went on our own adventure to the 'forest' near school.

Just like in the story, we had our own 'wild rumpus.' We had great fun singing, dancing, making music, exploring, pretending, climbing, balancing, swinging and rolling!!

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Where the Wild Things Are

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Our new topic is ‘Out of This World’ and we started our new topic by reading the book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. In the story Max puts on a wolf costume and gets sent to bed for causing mischief. In a dream he goes on a journey to the ‘Wild Place’, where he becomes king of the wild…

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World Book Day

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Little Chicks celebrated World Book Day. Throughout the day we read stories the children had brought to Little Chicks.

Little Chicks took the book quiz where they had to listen to a description of a book and then name the book.

Miss Taylor "What is your favourite book ?


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Favourite Books

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Little Chicks have been rhyming words, we have read a few rhyming books and favourite books from home.



Emma brought in Oi Frog


Aubrey brought in Wonkey Donkey



Joakim The Little Penguin



George Jack Frost 



Solomon Monkey…

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Retelling familiar stories

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The Ducklings have been working together in groups to retell the familiar story of Jack Frost. They have used their own words and language direct from the story. Ask them to tell you the story at home too!

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Nativity Stories

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The Ducklings are loving reading and retelling the Nativity stories that we have in our reading area.  They have also been constructing the stable in Bethlehem in the reading area and acting out the story of the first Christmas together.



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Retelling the No-Bot story

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Today we have read No-Bot The Robot With No Bottom!  Afterwards the children have done lots of different activities, such as writing lost posters, making story maps, making junk model robots and writing their own stories.  Joshua has retold the story and used his small world characters to act it…

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The Journey Home From Grandpa's

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The Ducklings have enjoyed reading the lovely story 'The Journey Home From Grandpa's.' They then pretended to be the family in the car and the rest of the class asked them lots of different questions!

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"Mirror, mirror on the wall!"

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The Ducklings and Little Chicks have been pretending to be princes and princesses. They have been saying the special words into the magic mirror!

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Laying the table

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The Ducklings have been laying the table for the seven dwarfs. They had to make sure that there was 7 of everything.

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Ducklings and Little Chicks are Detectives

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We returned after Christmas to find that someone had been in our classroom and left us some clues as to who they were! We found a blue cloak, a mirror, a bottle of poison, an apple with a bite out of it, 7 dwarfs, a small spade, some diamonds and a bow and arrow. The children were very excited and…

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The Three Little Pigs

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The Ducklings have enjoyed building their own homes and retelling the story of the three little pigs.

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