Falcons Read Christmas Stories with Herons

On Tuesday 17th December, the children in Falcons' Class read Christmas stories with the children in Herons' Class. Both classes really enjoyed this experience and we hope to see Herons again, when maybe they would like to read to us.


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Falcons' Wet felting inspired by The Dot

On Thursday the children across Year 5 and 6 all took part in wet felting. Mrs Birden came in and worked with the children; teaching them the wet felting technique. Each child's individual design was inspired by The Dot. The children thoroughly enjoyed the session and produced some wonderful…

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We are reading!

The Ducklings are using their phonics now to read words and sentences independently.

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We can read!

The Ducklings have surprised themselves with how they can blend the sounds and read simple words, all by themselves.

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Hawks go to Poulton!


We made our way to Poulton, through the drizzle and the wind. 

Firstly, we went to Poulton Library and heard Viking facts and played guess the book character. We were then chose a book we wanted to borrow from the library.

After the library we went to St Chad's Church to hear all…

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We maintain only know a few letters and sounds,but already we can blend them to read simple words independently! Amazing reading!

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Listening to the first sounds

As we are learning different letters and sounds, the Ducklings are encouraged to listen to the letters that different words begin with and to sort them. What else do you know that begins with a?

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Biff, Chip and Kipper

We have been using our new reading characters to tell our own stories.

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Our Reading Book Family

We have been introduced to the Robinson family from our reading books, ready to read our first reading books very soon. We have been playing matching games matching the characters to their names.

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Super reading

We have been applying our phonic skills to help us read sentences and captions independently.

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Dan Worsley opens our new library

Last week, our favourite author, Dan Worsley opened our new library.


Before he took part in a Q and A session with us, Annie from our class gave him a copy of her first book, 'The chamber in the school!' Dan was so impressed he was lost for words.


What did you ask Dan? What did you…

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By Archie Walsh.

This weekend, in Falcons, your homework is to write about the character you are dressing up as,to celebrate the opening of our new library  .You can dress up as what ever you want from a princess to a normal person like Tom Gates. 

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