A wonderful way to end the term!

Wow everyone, you all looked amazing today!

Today was a lovely way to end our term. You have all been superstars and have made amazing progress as the weeks have gone on :) 

Have a wonderful holiday and a well earned rest.

Miss Birch.

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Open Afternoon

Thank you to everyone who came to our Open Afternoon today. The art the children made looked lovely and everyone looked like they had fun making them! Thank you to everyone who braved the weather for our Outdoor Rainforest Quiz! 

I look forward to seeing everyone's costumes tomorrow for our…

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Rainforest Day!

Next Friday (5th April) will be our KS1 Rainforest Day!

This will be a lovely way to finish our topic and think about everything we have learnt. 

Please come dressed as your favourite animal; I can't wait to see everyone's choices!

Which animal are you going to be?

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Plants of the Amazon

Today we have been learning about plant habitats. 

We investigated which plants live and survive in each layer of the rainforest. We used what we had learnt to make a rainforest plant mural. Can you remember which plants grow in which layer?

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Our mini rainforests!

In Herons, we are investigating what plants need to survive. Today we made a mini rainforest to investigate this. We planted our plants and decided whether we would take away water or light. Then we added our Poison Dart Frogs!

What do you think will happen to your plant?


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Another lovely example

Here is another lovely example of Pontillism from Herons - this is The Great Kapok Tree.

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Our super learning!

We have had a very busy and successful week in Herons!

In Maths, we have been learning to add tens and ones on a number line, we have been reading our new story 'The Great Kapok Tree' and in Art, we have practised our printing skills and have used Pontillism to create a rainforest tree.


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Super singers!

Last night seven courageous members of Herons sang with Carleton Green's Choir at The Marine Hall. They sung two songs beautifully and we are all incredibly proud of them!

Keep singing! :) 

From Miss Birch and the Herons. 

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Super Addition!

This week I have been so impressed by everyone's addition skills! We have been adding lots of different numbers together, solving different word problems and applying our learning to challenges! Keep practising everyone - you are doing amazing!

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The Layers of the Rainforest

This afternoon we started our Rainforest research project! We learnt about the layers of the Rainforest and what animals live there. We hope you like our rainforest learning wall!

Can you remember the layers of the rainforest?

Which layer do sloths live in? Or snakes? Or jaguars?

Why does…

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Carleton Green Go Green!

Tomorrow Carleton Green Go Green!

Please come and support us in any way you can!


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Rainforest Investigators!

This afternoon we have been Rainforest Investigators! We teamed up with our experts from Herons and learnt about an animal from the Amazon Rainforest!

We were all very brave and we presented our information to the class.

Can you remember an interesting fact about your animal?


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