Super Science!

Yesterday Hodgson came to visit Carleton Green. We had a fabulous afternoon building our own rockets and trying to make them fly! 

The students from Year 10 taught us all about how rockets need friction to fly and we tested it with a string and balloon experiment. Can you remember what…

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Super homework!

Thank you to everyone for their lovely homework! It is clear that you have all put so much effort into the bird watching topic; I have received wonderful tally charts, pictures and photographs of the different birds you found - thank you to everyone for your efforts; I hope you enjoyed it!:) 


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A busy week!

We have done so much exciting work this week! We discovered that aliens had been to Carleton Green and we have written stories and wonderful descriptions about them; we have thought about what it would be like to be an alien alone on Earth; we have been learning about Position and Direction in…

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Class Assembly

Herons, I am so proud of your wonderful class assembly today!

You did an amazing job telling us all about the Moon Landing of 1969. I loved how confident you all were, how you spoke beautifully and how you worked as a team!

You are all shining stars!

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Space Explorers

This afternoon we were very busy preparing for our class assembly!

The children are very excited to show you everything they have been learning over the last three weeks. We have lots of interesting facts and stories from the past to share with you all about space exploration.

Our assembly…

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Wonderful Space Explorers!

I would like to say a huge thank you for the amazing homework that has been brought into Herons so far this week!

The standard of the children's research is amazing. It looks like they have really enjoyed making them! 

There are some wonderful fact files, information sheets and newspaper…

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Planet Research

Next week we will be learning about different planets in our Solar System.

What do you know about the planets?

What are their names? Can you find out any facts about them?

Happy researching :) 

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Blast Off!

What a fantastic week we have had in Herons! 

We have been working hard with our fractions and we are now finding quarters and thirds of different amounts. I am so impressed with everyone's hard work and dedication to their learning.

We are fully immersed in our space topic now and we have…

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A super start!

Wow! What a start to our brand new term and a brand new year!

We have been learning all about Space Explorers and the moon landing in 1969. I was so impressed by everyone's enthusiasm and how much you could all remember and use in your learning!

What facts can you remember about the moon…

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Meteorite crash in the playground!

Yesterday something exciting happened in the playground at Carleton Green!

A meteorite had crashed into our playground so we spent the day investigating and reporting on what clues we could find!

We are very excited for the term ahead and our new topic "Space Explorers".

This term, we are…

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Our special visit!

Today Carleton Green had a very special visitor! 

The children all got to go and see Santa in his grotto and got an exciting present!

When we thought it couldn't get more exciting, we all tucked into a Christmas dinner, told jokes and listened to music. 

It was lovely to see everyone's…

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Testing Materials

Today we were very impressed by the investigation skills in Herons! 

We had fun testing different objects to see if they could bend, twist, stretch or squeeze.

We definitely have some scientists in our class! 


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Birch

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