Image of Our Day - Mon 5th Sept

Where has the day gone! 

Today we have started our topic 'Amazing Me'. At register time we went around the circle telling each other the people who live in their house, everyone was able to give an answer and spoke confidently in front of their new friends. The children have also been drawing and painting self-portraits. They have looked in the mirror to see their colour of hair and eyes.

They then had a go at copying the letters of their name. These pictures are going to be displayed on our 'Amazing Me' wall. 

This afternoon we have done lots of counting to 5, some children could also recognise the numbers to 5 and beyond!


The play dough table has been very popular today, the children manipulated the play dough to create food and then used a knife and fork to cut it up.


We have also seen some super building using the stickle bricks today.

At phonics time the children were shown pictures depicting different nursery rhymes and each child chose a rhyme for us to sing. Elizabeth knew every rhyme we sang.

Both this morning and this afternoon the children accessed the outdoor areas. This morning the mud kitchen was a popular choice of activity and this afternoon the physical play area was a big hit.

Well done Little Chicks on another super day. 

Posted by Mrs Stock on 5 September 2022

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