Image of Counting

This week the children are counting out a given number of objects from a larger group. In this activity the children have to look at the number and count out that amount of seeds. This is also a funky fingers activity as the pumpkin seeds are tricky to pick up.

I was very impressed with…

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Counting Funky Fingers



Image of Capacity

This week and next we are learning about capacity. The children are pouring a given amount of liquid into the cups to create a full, nearly full, half full, nearly empty and empty cup.


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maths capacity


Writing Numbers

Image of Writing Numbers

We have been working very hard to form our numbers correctly. First we traced them and then we copied the numbers and finally we practised the numbers we struggled with.

I have to say I was very impressed with with the children’s work. Well done Little Chicks!

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Physical development number


Football Skills

Image of Football Skills

Little Chicks showed how good their listening and football skills were today when we had P.E with Kieran from Fleetwood Town. 
We played a game where the children had to use small kicks to move their ball around a square. If they went out of the square they lost a point. They also lost points for…

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Physical development listening



Image of Maps

This week we have read the book ‘The Journey Home From Grandpa’s’. We then looked at different maps, a map of a park, a zoo, town, seaside and a large ordinance map.

The children have then created their own maps of treasure islands, towns, parks, zoos and even a railway…

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Portraits of king Charles lll

Image of Portraits of king Charles lll

We have been using our mark making and observational skills to create a portrait of King Charles. We looked at photographs of the King and tried to add as much detail to our pictures as possible.

To see the children's super work.

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Growing Ducklings

Image of Growing Ducklings

The three ducklings have really grown over the weekend. Before we even got to the cage we could hear them chirping away.



The children very gently stocked the ducklings feathers. The thought they felt fluffy and soft.

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Creating Repeating Patterns

Image of Creating Repeating Patterns

This week in maths we are looking at patterns. There are patterns everywhere, on curtains, bedding, clothing, animal fur etc. We discovered we could create patterns using shapes, colours, objects, numbers and letters.

In class the children have been using objects such as Pom-poms, beads,…

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maths patterns



Image of Lambs

Today Mrs Richardson very kindly brought in two lambs from her grandad’s farm. 
The children were able to stroke the lambs, who decided they didn’t like eating grass and that the shed tasted much nicer!



Thank you Mrs Richardson for bringing in the lambs on your day off.…

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animals growth


New Arrivals

Image of New Arrivals

This morning we went into the office to look at the duck eggs which arrived in School yesterday. One of the eggs had a crack and small hole in it. As we watched we could just see a little beak pecking at the shell. We would have liked to have stayed and watch but knew that it would be a while…

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birds Life cycles growth


Sequencing Everyday Events

Image of Sequencing Everyday Events

His week we are sequencing everyday events, such as washing our hands, making a cake, brushing our teeth, bedtime and morning routines, getting dressed etc. by sequencing pictures or completing sequencing jigsaws.


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Wet Easter Fun

Image of Wet Easter Fun

This morning we put on our puddle suit and wellies and went out to do some Easter activities. We were counting the eggs in the basket and finding the correct numeral on the number fans.

We also had a go at an egg and spoon race. There was a little cheating going on, holding onto the…

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Physical development Counting