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Little Chicks and Ducklings met Captain Dan the Pirate. Captain Dan taught the children about Pirates.


Captain Dan's ship is called the Narwhal. Captain Dan explained that there is three types of ships a Galleon ship, the biggest having three masts, the Schooner ship having two masts which is perfect for Pirates and the Sloop having one mast small but fast.

To be a Super Smart Pirate there are three key points.

To Listen

To pay attention

To read

Captain Dan showed the children the steering wheel, that is at the Helm the back of the ship is the Stern and the front the Bow.


The children were taught that the left hand is Port (make a L shape with their hand) and the right hand is Starboard.(make the rrr sound)

Captain Dan showed the children the Pirates sleeping quarters a hammock. That is in the hold below deck.

In the hold there are 5 key resources.

1. Treasure

2. Food

3. Water

4. Weapons

5. Hammock

It was important to keep the hold clean and tidy as there was many Pirates 

1700 was the Golden Age of Piracy.


Captain Dan showed us the weapons Pirates use Cannons for blasting opposing ships, Flint lock pistol and of course the Dagger sword.


The day could not be complete without a Pirate song.



She Shanty.

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