21 May 2019

For or against fracking? You decide!

In Hawks, we have been learning about fracking in our local area. We debated to see if our class were for or against fracking.

Are you for or against fracking? Explain your reason with evidence.

Hawks Fracking Debate!


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Kemi   22 May 2019

I am against fracking because it causes so much damage to our environment and the people in our local society. It is so hard to describe how much fracking will change us not just as a community but as individuals too. Fracking can cause earthquakes that could have been prevented in the first place.
Now I understand why the protesters do what they do.

Kayden Edwards    5 June 2019

I am against fracking because it caused so much damage that in 2011 2 mini earthquakes occurred and they were so bad they stopped fracking however in 2017 they came back and continued fracking and the protesters had had enough so they blocked off a road and a lot of the protesters got arrested.

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