Walk the lights

On Wednesday evening, KS2 went on a family trip to walk the lights.

Year 5 and year 6 were launching their new topic for after half term.

Please email Miss Howarth photographs of you at the illuminations for our display.


What do you like most about Blackpool illuminations? Who did…

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We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo!

Herons really enjoyed their visit to Blackpool Zoo last week. They went to see many different types of animals to look at their features and habitats.


What was your favourite part of the trip? What is your favourite animal at Blackpool Zoo and why?


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Herons were inspired by Alistair Parker

On the 4th and 5th Januray, Herons class studied a local artist called Alistair Parker. The children learnt a lot about him as an artist and then in particular studying his pieces of artwork that were based around our local area Blackpool. The children were very excited when they found out he was…

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KS1 Wow Launch

On Friday 13th October, KS1 launched their new topic for after half term. Our next topic in KS1 will be 'Place Where I live'. We launched our new topic at Blackpool Illuminations.

Together with LKS2, we started our evening at the fish and chips shop. In small groups we then walked the…

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Blackpool Display

Our whole school focus has been on location. In KS1 we have been looking at our local location of Blackpool. In Herons we studied and found out about Blackpool. We then found out a lot of facts about the piers in Blackpool. As a class we made a pier. In the hall KS1 created a Blackpool display.…

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