5 November 2017

On Friday 13th October, KS1 launched their new topic for after half term. Our next topic in KS1 will be 'Place Where I live'. We launched our new topic at Blackpool Illuminations.

Together with LKS2, we started our evening at the fish and chips shop. In small groups we then walked the lights.

It was a fantastic evening walking the lights with your families. We saw some fantastic lights, including the tram that was lit up as a train and some familiar cartoon characters.


KS1 and LKS2 Blackpool Walk the Lights


What did you get from the fish and chips shop? Who did you walk the lights with? What was your favourite thing you spotted on the walk?


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Macy Sumner   5 November 2017

When we walked the lights I got a small fish and chips, it was so delicious! I walked the lights with Mummy, Daddy, my sister Eva, Nannie, Auntie Joanne and Uncle Martin. I also walked part of the way with Lilly-Jess and her Daddy. My favourite part was the Egyptian mummy that jumped out at you, it made me jump too!! I also enjoyed the fire talk at school and know how important fire alarms are. I learned how to escape if there was a fire in my house.

Charlotte Wood   6 November 2017

I got a cone of chips with some tomato ketchup up on. I walked the lights with my Mummy, my big sister Abbie and my Grandma. My favourite thing was a crown in lights and I thought all the colourful little trees were very pretty.

Lily Wootton   6 November 2017

I got fish and chips from the fish and chip shop (with lots of ketchup!!). I walked the lights with mummy, daddy and my baby sister Daisy. We also walked with my friend Alice and her family. I saw the Egyptian people and the light up train.

Joshua McDougall   7 November 2017

I had fish, chips and gravy - Really tasty! I walked the lights with my mum and dad........and school friends and teachers. My favourite thing was the tram that looked like a battleship - I would love to ride on that on next year!

Max B   7 November 2017

When we arrived at the chippy I had a cone of chips. I went with my Mummy, Daddy and Annie. My favourite thing was seeing the motorbike display. It did lots of loops and then jumped over 3 buses. I also liked seeing Miss Howarth there!

Finlay Dickson   7 November 2017

I didn't go to the illuminations with school. I went with my mummy and big sister Darcey. We walked all the way and my favourite illumination was the haunted house. I loved it.

Erin Lowe   8 November 2017

We couldn’t make it to “Walk the Lights”, but we drove through them during the school holidays. I went with Mummy, Daddy and Harry. My favourite part was Postman Pat.

I enjoyed the Fire talk at school. When I got home I showed my Mummy what to do if there was a fire. We talked about escape exits in our house.

Austin Cole   8 November 2017

I got a buger and chips. I walked the lights with my mum, dad and sister. My favourite bit was the haunted house.

Anabelle Coughlan   8 November 2017

I didn’t go to the school walk the lights but a few weeks before I went with my mum and dad and brother and sisters. It was so much fun!! We picked a lovely evening and it wasn’t too cold. We had a chippy tea at Home first then when we got there dad let us go in the amusement arcade first. We were all having a go on the rides and playing the 2p machines. I won two Disney princess key rings!! We walked the lights and I loved them all, the scary haunted house was my favourite.

Oscar dowell   12 November 2017

I loved the lights because I liked looking the wow lights on the train and the different coloured trees

Miss howareth you are the best

Evelyn Bradbury   15 November 2017

I liked the lights and especially the haunted house, it was scary. We walked all the way to Blackpool Tower and then got a tram back.

Jacob turner   20 November 2017

I walked the lights with mummy and saw some of my friends. My favourite bit was the pirate ship

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