15 March 2020

In Hawks, we are finding out about different countries and continents around the world. We are writing a narrative based on true events in Brazil and have started sharing ideas and planning as a group.


What did you discuss as a group? What were your ideas?


Story planning in Hawks

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Olivia Shaw    15 March 2020

In our group we discussed about the dam collapsing in Brazil. We set our story on the character called Jane Luzzi and her husband Nilton Freitas.

Jessica W   21 March 2020

Im our group we were doing about the Maria dam collapsing in Brazil. Our story was about a 51 year old woman called Jane Luzzi who lives in Parque de Cachoreira (im not sure how to spell it,) who survived the dam collapsing, 'by the skin of her teeth...)

Cara Hey   22 March 2020

In my group I was with Finlay, Lincoln and Neme we talked about the Brazil football club catching fire and about a football player Felipe Cardoso leaving an air-conditioning on and that is what started the fire and until 7:30, when the fire department, no one could put it out.

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