DT in Owls

On Friday 6th Januray 2017, Owls and the rest of school had an exciting first day after the Christmas holiday; it was Design and Technology Day.

Our classic novel is Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. We designed and made workhouses for our display. We also started to collage Oliver…

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Owls Countdown to Christmas

We are really getiting ready for Christmas in Owls this week and are feeling very festive. 

This week we have; sang lots of Christmas songs, created Christmas messages in hieroglphics, indulged in a yummy Christmas lunch, been an auidence at two nativities and worn Christmas attire.

We are…

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What does the Advent ring mean to you?

In RE, Owls have found out how Christians prepare for Christmas.


We know in Church they have Advent rings during the season of Advent.


We have found out the meaning of the Advent ring and what each candle represents to Christians.


If you had an Advent ring, what would each…

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Owls answer the question, ' Why we should keep the library loan book box service?'

Why should we keep the library loan book box service?


What have you used the library loan book box service for?


How has this helped with your learning?

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Cracking Christmas Crackers

It's Christmas time...


School this year has been decorated with a Christmas Card theme.


In Owls we decided to create an open pop-up Christmas Cracker Christmas Card which has been displayed outside our classroom. We used our knowledge of onamatopoeia…

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owls year3 year4 Christmas crackers Christmas cards display


Water, Water Everywhere

Our new topic is Water, Water Everywhere!


For our topic homeowrk we had to create a 3d poster which linked to water. We could choose anything!


In class we have now started finding out about rivers, the water cycle, solids, liquids and gases AND the River Nile.


What have you…

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Open Afternoon Autumn 1 in Owls

On Friday 21st October 2016, Owls opened the hall doors for their grown up visitiors. They showed their visitors a typical PE lesson.


Firstly, the Owls began by warming up which the visitiors also took part in and the Owls thought they all warmed up very well.


They then showed…

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Owls Electrical Circuits

In Owls we spent the first part of our science lesson outside acting as human electrical circuits. We then went inside to create incomplete and complete circuits. We also tested to see which materials were conductors.


What did you enjoy most about our lesson? What part of the circuit were…

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owls year3 year4 science outdoor learning


Owls Family Portraits

On Monday in our art lesson, we were drawing our family portraits using a photograph to help us.

Before we starting drawing, we discussed our photograpgh and wrote a little bit about it. WHO WAS IN YOUR PICTURE? WHERE WAS IT TAKEN? WHAT WAS HAPPENING IN YOUR PICTURE? WHEN WAS IT TAKEN?


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Owls Democracy

In OWLS our focus in PSHE is democracy. We are learning how important it is to have a choice and being able to vote.

As a class we each had to create a speech on which class monitor we wanted to be and why. We then presented this to the class and each citizen had one vote for who we thought was…

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Owls Gymnastics

In gymnastics we had to create many different ways of balancing on 1, 2 or 3 body parts. We also had to travel in different ways too. In pairs we then cretaed a mini sequence which we will build on to create a routine.


How many diffferent ways can you balance? What is your favourite…

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owls year3 year4 healthyliving KS2 PE gymnastics


Owls Talents

On Friday each class in school had to present themselves to the rest of school. Owls class decided that we would share how we had been working together to find out about each other in class. We explained how we had to represent ourselves in a bag using 5 items. Some children in the presentation…

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owls year3 year4 pshe talents