Playing Pass the Parcel

Image of Playing Pass the Parcel

We enjoyed playing pass the parcel at our Christmas party.

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Buddy eats the Advent chocolate!

Buddy had a mission sent  by Father Christmas to deliver Advent calendars, but when we turned up to school there was chocolates all over the classroom floor. We could not believe that he ate the chocolates. Luckily, the cakes sent for Miss H and Mrs C hadn't been…

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Class Assembly

Well done to all of the children for their participation in our class assembly on Advent.

What did you learn about advent from our class assembly?

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What does the Advent ring mean to you?

In RE, Owls have found out how Christians prepare for Christmas.


We know in Church they have Advent rings during the season of Advent.


We have found out the meaning of the Advent ring and what each candle represents to Christians.


If you had an Advent ring, what would each…

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