Well done to all of the children for their participation in our class assembly on Advent.

What did you learn about advent from our class assembly?

Posted by Mr Boyd on 29 November 2017

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Kemi   2 December 2017

I enjoyed in our class assembly, that we all sang and spoke beautifully. What I think we could have done better is that we should have spoke louder so everyone could hear us

Nicholas Eaton   3 December 2017

I learnt that the white candle is the most important. Christmas is not just about presents.

Amy Atherton   4 December 2017

I'm very proud of myself for speaking in front of the whole assembly. My mum says I spoke clearly and loudly too. I loved doing this assembly. I love advent and Christmas!

Dan   5 December 2017

My mum loved the assembly. It was so fun thank you.

darcey    5 December 2017

sorry I missed the fun, Cara. But it does sound fun, cool and awesome

(sorry missed it)

Nathaniel    5 December 2017

I enjoyed the assembly

Lucy Redman   6 December 2017

I played the piano and i loved it.

Poppy roberts   6 December 2017

SORRY I wasn’t there. I hoped everyone enjoyed it.

Annie   7 December 2017

I really enjoyed the assembly. I have never read the part at the end before and so I was glad I did that part.

Olivia    8 December 2017

I’m sad I didn’t take part but it looked good.

Olivia shaw   9 December 2017

Sorry I missed the fun

Fariha iqbal   31 December 2017

I was proud of everyone for doing so well. I hope we have another assembly soon

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