Parrots' September Big Clean

The children in Parrots have learnt all about looking after the environment through throwing rubbish away properly and re-cycling to protect our wildlife. They produced some amazing information posters and have talked about the different ways they can look after the environment. Well done Parrots.

Parrots' Science

The children in Parrots have been exploring different materials. They have been identifying different properties of these materials and describing them based on the properties. We have discussed properties such as: absorbent, transparent, hard, smooth, soft. The children enjoyed playing the 'Guess What is in the Bag Game' where children described an object based on its properties and by using this information the others guessed what the object was. Great fun - you could play this at home.

Parrots' PE

The children in Parrots have been developing their fundamental skills and have been learning how to throw and catch today in PE. They have all participated well and are developing these ball skills well. Great work Parrots!!

Ducklings PE

Today we had another lovely sunny day for our PE lesson. The children practised moving safely in different ways, stopping on demand and balancing on one foot.

Tasting different foods

Today we talked about foods and their different tastes - sweet, salty, bitter, spicy and sour. We tasted a number of different foods such as lemon, radish, onion, crisps, crackers, jelly sweets and dark chocolate. We had to decide which taste best described the foods.

Parrots' Student Council

Today we had our class vote for the student council and we are so very proud to announce that these children will be our class representatives. I am sure they will do a fabulous job. Well done.