Labelling body parts

Little Chicks drew their body parts onto the silhouette.

Den building fun

As part of our learning about ourselves and our homes, the Ducklings have loved den building together outside. They worked as part of a team together to build their dens.

Little Chicks Family Drawings

Little Chicks draw who lives in their family.

Our first PE lesson in Ducklings

On Friday we changed into our pumps and went into the hall for our very first PE lesson. We learnt about the importance of listening to instructions and finding a suitable space to stand in. We listened to our teacher's instructions carefully for how to move and when to stop.

Parrots Week 2

Lots of learning

Another lovely lunch

Enjoying another lovely lunch today of either sausage and bean casserole, pesto pasta or jacket potato and filling.

Our first few days at school

The Ducklings have impressed us all with how well they have settled and enjoyed their first few days at school. They have adjusted really well to the daily routines. They are learning to follow our rules and are sharing and playing nicely together. We are also impressed with how they are exploring all of the different areas in which to learn and have shown us how well they can tidy up too!

Our First School Lunch

The Ducklings enjoyed their first school lunch. They were all very good at carrying their own trays and used lovely manners to say please and thank you.