Enjoying PE

The Ducklings are getting changed a little quicker each week for PE now. They are loving these active lessons and are showing the ability to listen to and follow instructions carefully. This week they have been jumping for distance and practising their hopping. Keep practising getting dressed and undressed at home to help you.

Looking smart in our PE kits

The Ducklings were very good at getting changed for the first time into their full PE kits. They look very smart in their house team colours. They explored moving safely in different ways such as hopping and jumping.

Growing up

This week the Little Chicks are learning about growing up, we start off as a baby. They were given flash cards to put in age order. Baby, Toddler, Child, Teenager, Adult, Elderly

Labelling body parts

Little Chicks drew their body parts onto the silhouette.

Den building fun

As part of our learning about ourselves and our homes, the Ducklings have loved den building together outside. They worked as part of a team together to build their dens.

Little Chicks Family Drawings

Little Chicks draw who lives in their family.