Marine Biologist

Little Chicks investigate Marine animals.

Heron's Animal Sculptures

We have had a lovely afternoon in Herons today. We went outside in the sunshine and used clay to make some animal sculptures. We then discussed what we liked about them and how we could improve them.

Parrots' Class Athletics Lesson

The children in Parrots have thoroughly enjoyed working with Fleetwood Town to learn about different Athletics and various techniques. Today the children took part in hurdles and the relay. We were so very impressed by their technique and could see their speed increasing the more they practised.

Parrots' Class Made Fruit Kebabs Designed as Animals

The children in Parrots' Class had a wonderful afternoon making the animals they had designed out of fruit. They all looked and tasted amazing!!

Parrots' Learn the features of Playscripts

Today the children in Parrots learnt all about playscripts. Firstly we looked at the features of playscripts and then we read through a play all about Jack and the Beanstalk. Different children read different parts, so everybody had a go and they were able to follow and understand the specific features of playscript. Well done children!! Had another wonderful morning teaching you all!! Mrs Harding

Parrots' class reading Jack and the Beanstalk

To start our new English topic playscripts, the children in Parrots' Class have been revisiting the well known children's fairytale story Jack and the Beanstalk. The children loved hearing the story again and were able to describe their favourite and least favourite parts of the story with great detail. The children also gave a reason for their opinions backed up with facts from the story. Well done Parrots - it was wonderful teaching you again!!

Designing Pirate Ships

Little Chicks use a variety of resources to make Pirate Ships

Shiver Me Timbers

Arrr me hearties! The Ducklings had a fantastic day on Pirate Day with Captain Dan Tastic. They all looked the part and learnt so much about the history and life of pirates from the past. They learnt about the different types of pirate ship, what was kept on board, where and how a pirate slept, their weapons and much, much more!