Another busy Duckling!

Jack has enjoyed lots of learning. He has been doing lots of maths, using lego to practise sharing, halving and doubling. He made some bird feeders for the garden. He drew a giant Jack on some paper and he labelled all the parts of his body and coloured himself in. Jack enjoyed learning about life cycles, especially the frog. He watched a live talk all about life cycles. He has enjoyed a trip to the beach and explored in some rock pools. He found lots of jellyfish and crabs. 

Going quackers for home learning!

The Ducklings continue to do super home learning, with a special duck theme this week! The Ducklings have been continuing to practise and develop their phonics, reading, writing, mathematics, physical and creative skills too! Fabulous work! Well done! We are so proud of you all.

Falcons Fantastic Work Week 9

Thank you Falcons once again for your fabulous pictures and emails. Harry your Anderson Shelter and your plane are wonderful. Thank you Amber for your fab pictures. Hope everyone is well. Missing you all.

Fantastic Falcons Work - Anderson Shelters

Thank you so much to Abbie and Olivia who have emailed pictures through of their wonderful Anderson Shelters that they have made. Well done!! They are fantastic!! Lovely to see you today!!

Week 8 Even More Falcons Fab Work

The children in Falcons have been completing some fantastic work. It seems that even hairdressing has featured in there!! Looks amazing Oliver and really suits you. Zara your Anderson Shelter looks wonderful and very authentic. Well done everyone.