Parrots' compared their voice to musical instruments.

Today in music the children in Parrots sang a song just using their own beautiful voices and then they compared this sound to various musical instruments. Well done Parrots.

Parrots' Outdoor Learning with Mrs Hicks

Today the first group of children in Parrots worked with Mrs Hicks. They behaved wonderfully and thoroughly enjoyed planting seeds in self-made paper pots - which were very effective and excellent for our environment. Well done children you did great!!

Parrots' Art linked to Geography

The children in Parrots learnt all about the different flags for the United Kingdom. They learnt where these countries are located on a map of the UK along with which flags belong to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Then the children used various different art techniques and re-created the flags using collage, painting, pastels and pointillism. They produced excellent pieces of art - well done Parrots.

Parrots' Science Investigations

The children in Parrots have been investigating the properties of different materials. Today we focused on whether a material is bendy or not bendy. The examined all different types of materials and completed a table to show whether materials are flexible. Well done Parrots - we all enjoyed being scientists.