Ducklings keep learning

These Ducklings have been busy sharing as part of their mathematics, keeping active by running and using racquets, carrying out science experiments, reading together, creating their own snack shops with prices andreal money, making their own creative snacks and researching about topics that interest them. Amazing learning! Well done!

Week 7 Fabulous Falcons Work

The children in Falcons have been doing some great work and it is lovely to see that they are working so hard and producing fabulous work despite this lockdown: We have enjoyed another week of homeschooling. I've attached a photo of us baking chocolate biscuits that we chose from the ration recipes - they were really tasty! I've also attached a photo of our poster. Last night we took part in the camp at home challenge set by Northumberland Scouts to try & break a world record. We enjoyed toasting marshmallows over tealight!. We also loved watching the two videos that Carleton Green staff have put together- it put a smile on our faces.

Herons home learning

Thank you for sending me pictures of all your fantastic home learning that you have been doing. I love reading all the emails and looking at your pictures to see what you have been up to. Keep them coming :) Miss Wilson x

Week 6 More Falcons Fab Work

Lily has been learning all about World War 2 medals and made these very realistic examples. Well done Lily they look great.

Ducklings at Home

The Ducklings continue to be super stars with all of their learning at home. Over the last few weeks they have been finding out all about St George. Some of them have made brilliant shields, flags and dragons.

Week 6 More Falcons Fab Work

Thank you so much to Olivia and Emily for sharing their great pictures of them baking a 1940's World War 2 recipe. I must admit the biscuits look delicious, I hope they tasted as good as they looked. Thank you for sharing.

Week 6 Falcons Fab Work

Sam has been busy looking at animal life cycles for science this week. How amazing that he has his own real life example in his garden. Sam has been busy researching and recording information about the life cycle of a frog and is currently observing how the frog begins as a tadpole and makes the transition to being a frog. Amazing, thank you Sam.

More super learning from the Ducklings

The Ducklings have been doing some fantastic learning at home. They have been busy reading, practising their phonics, writing, counting, keeping active and creating and making things. We love seeing all of your amazing learning and how you are keeping yourselves busy! Keep sending them in!