Trip to the Plant Centre

Little Chicks and Ducklings visited The Plant Place. They engaged in sowing seeds, Craig the gardener showed the Little Chicks the varied plants in the centre and taught they names and how their grew, particularly in different environments and temperatures. Little Chicks then went around the centre completing a quiz where they followed the clues to find a letter, then sorted the letters to name a type of flower. Thankyou to volunteers who supported the children.

Growing Green Beans

Planting French Beans. 5.5 22 Little chicks have planted French beans we are discovering what plants need to grow. We have five different pots with seeds and varied components. 1. Seeds, soil, but no water. 2. Seeds, soil, water, placed in the dark. 3. Seeds, soil, water, placed in the dark and cold (fridge) 4. Seeds, soil, water, placed in classroom. 5. Seeds, water, but no soil. Little Chicks will observe what happens to each pot over the next two weeks.

Measuring using different objects.

Little Chicks have been measuring different objects using varied resources.

PE and fundamental skills

We continue to enjoy practising and refining our fundamental skills in PE each week. This week we had great fun climbing, balancing, jumping, crawling and rolling.

Easter Egg Hunt

Yellow Ducklings had a great afternoon on our Easter egg hunt. We managed to find them all and complete some challenges and foreits along the way too!

Spring has sprung!

The Ducklings have been on a welly walk to look for signs that spring has sprung! They were able to spot spring flowers starting to bloom, buds developing on branches and even a few tiny minibeasts!

Ducklings Open Afternoon

The Ducklings enjoyed sharing the afternoon with their families during our recent Easter and Spring themed open afternoon. The children loved sharing their learning with you. Thank you for coming!