Ducklings Remote Learning 12/1/21

The Ducklings have been having fun outdoors with natural objects to help them subtract. They have also been using toys from around their homes to help them too. Today they have been learning to read and write the letter y. Some super letters have been written to our alien visitor filled with ideas of how to help it get home! We are just so impressed with all of their writing! It is out of this world!

Ducklings Remote Learning 11/1/21

The Ducklings have been learning to read and write words and sentences with the letter x in. Look at all of the different creative ways the Ducklings have found to practise writing the letter x. We have seen some super writing about the alien space goo. Lovely sentences with a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop. More super subtraction with lots of different practical objects to help them. Well done Ducklings! Another fab day!

Ducklings in school

The children have been working so hard in school, we are all so proud of each and everyone of them for adapting to the 'new classroom' way of school life. Here is some of the amazing work that has been produced today and a snippet of the fun and learning going on.


Ducklings Remote Learning 7/1/21

Another busy day! Today we have been learning all about the letter w in phonics. We have seen some beautiful handwriting again. The children are becoming so confident when asked to 'quick write' a word. They can chop up a word, hear the different sounds and write it quickly. We have continued with taking away or subtraction by playing lots of games and using real objects to help us. The children in school have been exploring the space craft crash landing. It appears more parts of the spaceship have been found in Little Chicks garden. The space experts went out to explore and find out more!

Ducklings Remote Learning 6/1/21

Today the Ducklings both in school and at home have been extremely busy! In Phonics they have been learning how to recognise, read and write the letter v. They have been busy hunting for today's letter when out on their walks and in books and magazines around the home. They have been reading and writing words and sentences with this letter in. Their cursive handwriting is becoming beauitful by the day. In Mathematics they have been busy subtracting, by playing games or using practical objects to help them. Florence had the ingenious idea to use objects that you can eat as you take them away!! Look at their amazing number sentences! On our school field, a spacecraft crash scene has been sighted! The children needed to think of questions to help them investigate and find out what exactly has happened. They have also read the Whatever Next! story by Jill Murphy and have begun to think of what they would need to take with them on a trip to the moon. Amazing work Ducklings! Keep up the good work!

Ducklings Christmas Lunch

The Ducklings all enjoyed their Christmas lunch. They made a special card to say a big thank you to our kitchen staff for all of their hard work all year.