PE, Exercise, Body temperature

Little Chicks have learning about exercise, change in body temperature and what happens when we exercise.

What we did in the holidays

Little Chicks have discussed what they did in the holidays with their peers. They drew a picture and used their name cards to write their name.

Rainy Day Fun!

The last week of the half-term saw some very wet weather. The Ducklings still love to learn outdoors no matter what the weather! They were exploring mixing colours in the puddles, investigating bouncing balls and jumping in the puddles.


In PE we have been focussing on our hopping skills as well as practising our jumping for distance skills that we have recently learnt. The children are really good at remembering what to do at the different active stations. They listen to and follow instructions really w

PE Fridays

The Ducklings are loving their PE Fridays. They are learning about the importance of warming up at the start of the lesson. This week we danced to the Skeleton dance. The Ducklings are learning to jump for distance and have been practising this in the different stations that are set up.