Bhangra Dancing

The Ducklings have enjoyed trying out some Bhangra dancing as part of finding out about Diwali. They were brilliant little movers!


This week we have been finding out all about the Hindu festival of light called Diwali. We have turned our home corner into a home for celebrating where the children can pretend to have a special family meal and worship at their family shrine called puja. The children have made special lamps out of clay called divas and have enjoyed making Diwali cards. Some of the children have acted out the story Rama and Sita together.

Doves Outdoor Learning Day

Doves having a fun and learning outside!

The Little Red Hen

The Ducklings have loved reading the traditional tale of The Little Red Hen and now know it so well that they love acting it out and retelling it using the repetitive story language.

Taller and shorter

Our maths challenge was to make a tower and compare it with our talking partner to see who had the tallest and who had the shortest.