Outdoor Playground Little Chicks

Little Chicks have been going from strength to strength with their gross motor coordination they have shown agiltiy and skill using the apparatus. The consistent repetition using the equipment is supporting their learning.

Our Number Bond Party

Today, it was World Maths Day. We decided to have a number bond party to celebrate! Number bonds are pairs of numbers that make a particular total. We had fun playing lots of games that make 10! We had to find a partner with a numbered party hat that would match with our own to make 10. We rolled dice and then had to think what number would go with it to make 10. We tossed ten double sided counters into the air and told our talking partners the number sentence that they made when they landed. To finish off, we enjoyed having raisins for snack, 10 of them, but we had to say a number sentence first!

Holi Celebrations

This week the Ducklings have been learning about the Spring Hindu festival of Holi. It is celebrated with a colourful, messy surprise, throwing colourful paint at each other!! The Ducklings have been exploring spraying coloured paints outside and making colourful handprints. Inside they have enjoyed watching some Holi themed Indian dancing and have even had a go at dancing themselves too!

New Physical Development Area

Our new physical development play area was opened last week by Mr Cadwallader. The children were very excited and have loved exploring it so far this week.

Our Body Little Chicks

Little Chicks have been looking at their bodies, we drew around their body and the children then told me parts of their body, some Little Chicks labelled the parts using word cards to help spell the word.

Opening of the new playground

The children were so excited for the opening of the new playground. We were delighted to have the ribbon cut and official opened by Lee Cadwallader Lancashire School games Organiser. The Children were able to take turns on the playground using their skills to negotiate the equipment and will support development of gross motor movement. The playground is accessible during school time with class teachers and staff. 

Science Week Little Chicks

Little Chicks are learning about Science week, today we looked at growth. We looked at plants, animals, humans and buildings and how they grow. We measured all the Little Chicks to see there growth from six months ago and documented on the door.

Elephant dancing Little Chicks

Little Chicks have been dancing to 5 Elephants, Nellie the Elephant and Elephants have wrinkles.