Image of Outdoor learning Little Chicks

Outdoor learning Little Chicks

Little Chicks on a Winter welly walk.

Image of Little Chicks Yoga

Little Chicks Yoga

Little Chicks and a visit from the Yoga instructor.

Image of Yoga for the Ducklings

Yoga for the Ducklings

The Ducklings enjoyed their yoga session today. They learnt some different poses and were very relaxed and calm.

Image of Making porridge

Making porridge

The Ducklings helped to make porridge today. Ask them to tell you what ingredients they needed and how they made it. Some of the children prepared some chopped fruit to top the porridge too. They enjoyed eating their porridge  while they listened to another Goldilocks and the three bears story. There were lots of empty bowls and honey and raisins were the most popular toppings. We talked about the changes that happened as we made the porridge.

Image of Winter fun!

Winter fun!

The Ducklings had great fun wrapping up warm and going out to explore in the light dusting of snow today. They found a slope to slide down, ice 'windows' to look through, miniature icicles and they loved making snow angels.

Image of Building for the Bears

Building for the Bears

We have been busy building beds and chairs for the three bears (and for Goldilocks too!) using construction kits of our own choosing.

Image of Little Chicks yoga bugs

Little Chicks yoga bugs

Little Chicks joined Lisa to follow the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. Throughout the story they had to complete yoga positions which represented the characters in the story.

Image of Baking Gingerbread People

Baking Gingerbread People

The Ducklings loved baking gingerbread people, following a recipe and using lots of different tools and equipment safely. They were delicious and they enjoyed eating them whist listening to The Gingerbread Man story during snacktime.

Image of Little Chicks making gingerbread biscuits

Little Chicks making gingerbread biscuits

As part of Little Chicks learning on traditional stories they made Gingerbread people.

Image of PE Little Chicks ball skills

PE Little Chicks ball skills

Little Chicks began with warm up exercises. Stretching their body. Miss Taylor and Mrs Dale demonstrated to the Little Chicks how to guide the ball around the cones. Run back to their team and the next Chick takes their turn, first team to complete the group is the winner. Cool down exercises. Little Chicks learnt to turn take, use a ball with skill and follow instructions. Well done Little Chicks.