It's Party Time!

The Ducklings had a great time today - making party hats, dancing, singing, playing games and the best bit of all eating Christmas biscuits and drinking hot chocolate! Yummy! Even the cheeky elf had his sparkly suit on today especially for the party.

Positional vocabulary

In Mathematics this week we will be learning all about prepositions or positional vocabulary. We worked with our talking partners today to put our bears in the correct position when the teacher called out a position word such as behind, beside or above. Our cheeky elf is also finding himself in some different positions - amongst the Nativity characters, inside the Lego box and under the table.

Christmas fun

This week sees us doing lots of fun activities and learning all about Christmas - making play dough mince pies, decorating party hats, cutting, sticking and writing toys in stockings, acting out the nativity story and writing lists and letters to Father Christmas to name just a few.


In maths we have been learning about 2-D shapes and their properties. Today, we went outside and used chalk to draw pictures, only using shapes!

Rainy day fun

Even on a wild and wet day the Ducklings had lots of fun - splashing and wading through the puddles, jumping over the puddles, mixing different coloured paints in the puddles, jumping along the letters to read words and investigating which objects float or sink in the flood!

Parrot's Music

Today in Parrots, we have been learning about musical patterns. We worked in groups and created musical patterns using a variety of instruments, such as; tambourines, maracas and the triangle. We then discussed how we could improve our own patterns and each others.

Reading captions

The Ducklings have been showing off their phonics skills this week by applying their knowledge of the sounds that they know to read simple captions independently! Super star readers!